“Middle Class” Joe’s War On … The Middle Class (WTI Crude UP 102% Under Biden, Reg Gasoline UP 83%, Diesel Fuel UP 111%)

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by confoundedinterest17

Joe Biden likes to sell himself as “Middle Class” Joe. But Middle Class Joe declared war on the middle class with executive orders on fossil fuel drilling and killing the Keystone pipeline. Hence, his press conference on reducing inflation left off one thing: he could rescind the aforementioned executive orders. But he didn’t. So its Band-Aids on Band-Aids.

Since Biden was elected President, WTI Crude Oil futures are up 102%. Regular gasoline is up 83% and the lifeline of the shipping industry, diesel, is up 111%. Of course, inflation measures don’t measure the harm to the middle class at 8.5% YoY.

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Here is Biden’s speech, blaming everyone but himself for inflation. And then walks away (as usual) when asked a tough question. But he lied. He COULD cancel his executive orders on oil and natural gas exploration, but didn’t. Instead, he blamed Trump and MAGA voters.


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