Mike Bloomberg is plowing millions of dollars into a secretive tech firm Hawkfish

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“Hawkfish will be the “primary digital agency and technology services provider for the campaign,” Julie Wood, a Bloomberg campaign spokeswoman, told CNBC. She added that the firm “is now providing digital ad services, including content creation, ad placement and analytics” for their campaign. It will also help Democratic races across the country in future election cycles, she said.

The company’s existence has not been previously reported. Bloomberg’s campaign disclosed details about the company after CNBC pressed the campaign about its recent hiring spree.

Bloomberg, a billionaire former three-term mayor of New York, started building the company early in 2019, before he decided to seek the Democratic presidential nomination, the campaign aide said. While the campaign declined to say how much Bloomberg has invested in the company, Bloomberg has said he will spend over $100 million on anti-Trump digital ads. His campaign has already spent at least $13 million on Facebook and Google spots.”


Interesting development. I wonder if it is related to the recent Facebook data breach in any way.

Over 267 Million Facebook Users Have Account Info Exposed On Dark Web In Massive Data Breach


Google Walks Away From America’s Security

It bowed to pressure instead of standing up for our country.

By Michael R. Bloomberg


“The workers were hired through a crowdsourcing gig company outfit called Figure Eight, which pays as little at $1 an hour for people to perform short, seemingly mindless tasks. Whether the individuals were identifying objects in CAPTCHA-like images, or other simple tasks, the workers were helping to train Google’s AI that was created as part of a Defense Department initiative known as Project Maven.

Project Maven is a Pentagon project intended to use machine learning and artificial intelligence in order to differentiate people and objects in thousands of hours of drone footage. By employing these crowdsourced microworkers, Google was able to use them to teach the algorithms it was running how to distinguish between human targets and surrounding objects.”


Very interesting.

Facebook Removes Accounts With AI-Generated Profile Photos


Fruits of Bloomberg’s Hawkfish Project Maven type project to go to war in digital ad space? Very possible.



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