Mike Cernovich Threatens to Drop The Motherlode Of Washington Dirt That Will Destroy Marriages If Steven Bannon Is Fired!

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by Pamela Williams
Mike Cernovich is the best Alternative Right Media has to offer!  He is brilliant, bold, and lighthearted…while being totally fearless.  He is like a bull forging ahead while digging in the dirt for a story on the Washington elite.  He will never disappoint you, and he is always right on target.
It was a week after President Trump began to coldly pull away from Chief Strategist Steve Bannon, alt-right brainstormer Mike Cernovich knew if we lost Bannon in the White House, WE THE PEOPLE would be sunk.  There would be no one around President Trump we could truly trust to reign him in and away from the neocons.
He said this: “If they get rid of Bannon, you know what’s going to happen? The motherlode.  If Bannon is removed, there are gonna be divorces, because I know about the mistresses, the sugar babies, the drugs, the pill popping, the orgies.  I know everything.” Said Cernovich.
Wow, I hope he lives long enough to share, but I also hope Steve Bannon stays safe and sound in the White House.  President Trump has given his neocons and military too much authority for my comfort.  I am worried he trusts when he should not.
Cernovich goes on to say, “If they go after Bannon, the mother of all stories is gonna drop, and we are just gonna destroy marriages, relationships – it ‘s gonna get personal.”  Wow, oh, wow….bring it on!
The DAILY BEAST asked Cernovich if he had documentation  for the claims.  He was on INFOWARS radio show and livestream most of Friday afternoon and did not respond at press time.
Alt-right leaders spent a week pushing a #KeepBannon hashtag on Twitter, right after a #FireKushner hashtag amplified by Cernovich became a No.1 trend in the US on Twitter.  Wow, I did not know about that!
I do feel that Steve Bannon is not going to be at the White House much longer, so I guess Cernovich is getting ready to roll ahead.

Lets look at the latest on Steve Bannon.  
Donald Trump refused to confirm whether he still had confidence in the White House’s chief strategist Steve Bannon, increasing speculation that his former campaign manager could be sidelined.  This is not looking good for Bannon, and it worries me.
“I like Steve, but you have to remember he was not involved in my campaign until very late,” the US President told New York Post columnist Michael Goodwin when asked about the issue.
“I had already beaten all the senators and all the governors, and I didn’t know Steve. I’m my own strategist and it wasn’t like I was going to change strategies because I was facing crooked Hillary.”
Jeez, Trump lets be fair here.  President Trump is not being very humble or grateful at this point!
He added: “Steve is a good guy, but I told them to straighten it out or I will.”
Mr Trump’s comments came shortly after Mr Bannon was stripped from his position on the National Security Council as part of a shake-up ordered by the US leader. 
It followed reports that Mr Bannon had clashed with President Trump’s son-in-law and fellow adviser Jared Kushner over a number of policy issues.  
Source:  www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-politics/donald-trump-steve-bannon-response-chief-strategist-white-house-jared-kushner-campaign-late-a7680161.html
This is absolutely bad news with a dash of “God help America” in it!  President Trump seems to be losing his perspective into the American people as people who do not like big government.  Steve Bannon helped President Trump win, and now that he is President, he just wants to get rid of him for no good reason.  Bad news!  I am very concerned here that all those we would have voted against are now in their strategic positions circling the President.  

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22 thoughts on “Mike Cernovich Threatens to Drop The Motherlode Of Washington Dirt That Will Destroy Marriages If Steven Bannon Is Fired!

  1. Uh dude, Bannon was removed the day of the Syrian missile strike. So, release. Who cares if Bannon gets to eat in the same house, if he no longer can use the couch, watch TV or use the bathroom. Bannon is defacto gone.
    I hope Cernovich made a video statement that he’s not suicidal and has people with him 24/7 with a live stream…that I even have to say that makes me sick to my stomach. I live in a banana republic without any good bananas.

    • Are you sure Bannon has been fired…officially? I need to look into that and get back to you. Cernovich was on with Alex Jones yesterday and nothing was said.

      • What you may be witnessing is the passing of the (movement) torch from Trump to Bannon. At this point, Trump don’t look like our man.
        But, we are also watching Bannon, which seems to be more in-step with us, at this point. I see “Greater Israel” issues coming back, because of Kurshner, when Bannon wants to restructure government, which is good.
        Bannon for President. You heard it here, first, heheheh…

    • No, Bannon has not been fired, but if he is Bannon himself has threatened to let all Breitbart knows out. Look at this: http://www.gq.com/story/bannon-breitbart-headlines/amp
      Steve Bannon, the White House chief strategist who in the span of ten weeks has been reduced to an impotent, paranoid lunatic by his archnemesis and reigning Shadow President Jared Kushner, has seen his stock fall so hard and so fast that he’s reportedly not even the most powerful Steve in the administration anymore. At this point, the man would be wise to update his résumé before he finds himself unexpectedly locked out of his West Wing computer one fine Friday afternoon.
      Although Bannon’s tenure in the administration might be up soon, no one really expects the guy who recently responded to rumors about his marginalization by professing his love for “gunfights” to go quietly. In a delightfully insane new report in Politico, Bannon insiders hypothesize about how the “pugnacious populist” might exact his revenge on Trump, Kushner, Priebus, Ryan, the voices he hears inside his head, and anyone or anything else that he believes played a role in his downfall. Their movie analogies of choice are decidedly not great for the Trump administration.

      • Your fired even if you are going to work, if you get sat down and do nothing Casara. I meant that way.
        I know very well, how to go to work, get sat down in a govt job and not be allowed to work. I became a way better classical guitarist in the meantime though. I wonder what Bannon is doing while being sat down told to do nothing?

  2. Kushner is Mossad or a Mossad asset, an Israel Firster at any rate,closest man to the President, dedicated to using Trump and the US war machine to war for Israel. Trump is finished if he doesn’t get rid of Kushner.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more. Kushner’s indeed Mossad or, as you said, a Mossad agent, an Israel Firster, to boot. Trump needs to kick him out, or he’s finished. It’s downright political suicide for Trump to keep such an evil traitor as his top strategist .. That position should go to Steve Bannon; because, in the short/long one, Bannon’s going to be the one who’ll best save the Donald’s presidency and avert a 3rd World War in the process.
      Another individual who deserves the boot is the lunatic McMaster. The Donald made a huge mistake in accepting Michael Flynn’s resignation as National Security Advisor and replacing him with a crazy warmonger such as McMaster. Another huge mistake was picking “Mad Dog” Mattis as Defense Secretary. Now, here’s a man who was very close to former CIA Director David Petraeus, who was forced to resign over possession of classified documents which he shared with his girlfriend, who had no security clearance whatsoever. There were a number of qualified men he could’ve chosen – men who served in the military with high distinction and integrity – qualities Mattis lacks.
      And, why did Flynn have to resign his post as National Security Advisor? For having spoken with Russian Ambassador Sergei Kilsyak on a number of occasions during Trump’s campaign? It was part of his duties to speak with foreign diplomats (including Russian ones). Trump should’ve ignored his enemies, who had lied to him about Flynn’s conversations with Kilsyak and kept him on. Those enemies wanted Flynn out; solely, because he wasn’t a fanatical warmonger, as McMaster is.
      The same with Bannon. Bannon’s like Flynn .. He’s one of the NSC’s best strategists who puts the American citizenry above the Trotskyites aka neocons – something these scumbags simply cannot tolerate.

      • I am willing to bet all the land that consists of North Dakota (which I don’t have) that Michael Flynn was forced out by Jared Kushner.

  3. cernovich is a fake news faggot. if he has a bunch of dirt he is sitting on for political reasons he is a bitch, maybe he should release it so we can drain the swamp? Oh that’s right Trump is selling the country out to the Dual Citizen Israel First Zionist Jews who are the swamp.

  4. That sounds like a criminal threat to me, a hostile entity trying to influence the government with threats of extortion.

  5. So you lost be at “He is brilliant….” Umm have you ever heard him try to speak? and I’m not referring to his speech impediment. He’s clearly not very intelligent and has trouble pronouncing basic words and goes on endless annoying asides. Anyway, telling the truth shouldn’t be contingent on someone else being fired. Spit it out our shut up.

  6. Hey, it couldn’t top the already released emails. What’s happened as a result? Precisely nothing. President Kushner must go. I don’t think the Trumpster has it in him. He’s a clown. Not only that, he’s actually abdicating any decision making to the generals. That’s brilliant (not!).
    It all has to be in the script. No one could be that stupid.

    • They did not even check with Trump before launching the MOAB. That is freaking me out. It is like the Generals have gone rogue.

  7. Ied to put America first not for a bunch of dual citizen turds whos loyalty is to another Nation. Release it all burn the place down because whatever theses turds are doing is not in Americas interests. Screw israel its not a an American State.

  8. For the reasons given for bombing Syria on the flimsy evidence, and Ivanka and the tuggin on Trump’s heartstrings, and all that biz we’ve read. Trump has ceded foreign policy to the very people that started all this mess. It is true that you need some of these people for a smoother transition. Is Trump trying to win all these wars he inherited? No indictments?
    America, we’re in big trouble. We knew it all along, and hoped Trump would fix our problems.
    My guess is, Steve Bannon hit it right on the head with this one. He probably went with the theory that the American people that voted for him “would be outraged” on the continuation of this very ‘evil’ American practice, by President Trump. Gotta be a 90%+ disapproval on that one.
    Only confirms the fact that both parties need to go. We trusted the Republican party this, last time. And got “toasted”, again! This one should be the ‘game-ender’.

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