Mike Pompeo gave this speech at the governor’s conference, calling anyone out working with China as communist traitors!

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by Kek

Anyone knowingly working with China for personal benefit over the national good with no value for America is a traitor. There are others who are willful idiots and are lesser in bed with China but still capitalize on the deals.. Some know just what they are doing and would welcome the CCP overlords, knowingly selling us out to do it…

“They’ve labeled each of you friendly, hardline or ambiguous,” he said, describing a report put out by the think tank last year. “I’ll let you decide where you think you belong. Someone in China already has. Many of you indeed, in the report are referenced by name.”

Saying that China’s efforts have become more methodical than ever, Pompeo told the governors to verify business inquiries and “not to make separate individual deals” with China that could “undermine national policy.”

“And, in fact, whether you are viewed by the [Communist Party of China] as friendly or hardline, know that it’s working you, know that it’s working the team around you,” Pompeo, the former director of the Central Intelligence Agency, warned. “Competition with China is happening inside of your state, and it affects our capacity to perform America’s vital national security functions.”

“Today they have free reign in our system and we’re completely shut out from theirs,” he said.


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