Mild Omicron Variant Signals the End of the Covid Hoax

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by Chris Black

I’ve been telling you all for a year that the entire plan has been to end The Pandemic™ in mid-January so that Biden can go on TV and say. “I took up the mantle of President of the United States one year ago, and made the pledge to end the Pandemic. After a year of hardship, we can finally say it is over. 

After everyone in the country got vaccinated, the virus had nowhere else to go.”

This is why the vax mandates were passed and the elimination of the PCR test scheduled at the end of December. Without the PCR test, cases go to zero.

This has all been orchestrated in an attempt to fend off the Red Wave that will sweep the country next November. 

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The Democrats believe that ending the pandemic will give them absolute power and take insurmountable leads in the House and Senate.

The plan backfired because there was enough opposition to slow it to the point that it wouldn’t be over by mid-January.

 So they pulled Omicron out of a hat to create a new crisis.

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