Military contractors told to prepare for DOMESTIC deployment
Military contracting companies are being told to prepare for DOMESTIC deployment in the near future, meaning a large-scale operation is being planned in the continental United States. “Mass civil unrest” is being planned.

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32 thoughts on “Military contractors told to prepare for DOMESTIC deployment

  1. States like Michign and Minnesota have more registered hunters then many nations have military around the world. Hunters do well at two things: Tracking and hitting their targets.
    If hired guns think they will be able to freely travel the highways and mountain passes without dieing then they are being quite foolish. They are easy to spot, identify and are as allergic to “lead” poisoning as any Elk, Deer, or Bear.

    • I’ve been saying that for a few years now, Green Eagle; there are 100+ million legal gun owners nationwide with 500+ million firearms and 4+ trillion rounds of ammunition. Over 65% are either hunters, combat veterans, or both, and over 45% of them are women. All are quite proficient in the use of their firearms are are more than ready to take on anyone who dares to attempt at seizing their stockpiles.
      Those mercenaries aka military contractors have no idea of what they’ll be up against. First of all, they’re unfamiliar with the terrain wherein these legal gun owners do their hunting. These legal gun owners make up the largest trained military force on the planet; yet, the mercenaries, who’d consist of less than a million, really believe they’ll be able to defeat the largest trained military force in the world? If so, they’re totally delusional, and will learn the hard way if they attempt to crush this 100+ million person army,

      • Also many of us hand load and have the makings we need. But the question remains: WHY would the government want to attack our own people? Does not compute, in my opinion.

        • The World Government is at War with the White Race.
          Germany was the big hurdle. Now mass immigration and the final White on White Russian War. —-Done.
          After that Black working slaves and The Chosen Masters.
          Hope you can see it coming. You dead Witey.

        • Why wouldn’t they? They’ve done plenty of harm to us already. The rest of the world they can control but Americans are recalcitrant and have to be removed for their plans to be completed.

        • Look up Dr. Jim Fetzer’s work on Sandy Hook, 9/11, Boston Marathon, Senator Paul Wellstone, Orlando, etc. and you will have a good foundation for the truth on the genocide false flags perpetrated by our government with the Mossad.
          Cognitive dissonance is a psych term for the inability to embrace a truth from fear there will be more that chatters one’s reality. We are basically good people and being so aren’t wired like the psychopaths and socicopaths who pull off horrible crimes against humanity.

      • Yes indeed sister. The Taliban have fought the largest military in the world for decades with less than 100K. I doubt our resolve will be any less then theirs for freedom.

    • Well Green Eagle, sadly, if you know about how many registered hunters are in the USA don’t you think its a pretty good guess to say that our israeli operated and administered Department of Homeland, the FBI, the AIPAC, the ADL, the JWC, Police Departments in each and every little towns and big cities, have the same list? What do you think Green Eagle, would happen to all the registered “hunters” of America when their doors get blasted by the above named American lawmen to confiscate their hunting rifles and the guns? Any possible practical solution to this well defined priorities of the above named confiscation authorities? Keep in mind whatever hunting weapons you got, they know it and they also know of how to neutralize the use of it! Think real hard buddy!

        • “Negative shill work”? Why don’t wanna know the facts? If you know what the enemy has up against you, don’t you think you ought to be prepared and have some kind of a readiness if and when shit hit the fan? So Green Eagle try and think what I’m saying about the knowledge of the Talmudic Zionist Mafia (TZM) has on each and every gun owner of America! Just by fuming our frustrations and anger by yakking about it won’t cut it. Think what can a registered gun owner can do when SHtF stats to happen???

          • Your assumption is you know better than others about reality. If you offered your idea as just that it would be more tolerable. But to preach SHTF ideas that for most of us have been addressed years ago is disrespectful.
            Since these comment boxes, if you really are a “survivalist” you would know, are constantly monitored by the alphabet agencys, you would not reveal your true plans and ideas beyond simple ones.
            And for your edification, the S has already HTF but just not with Jack Boots in the streets. Look what they did to the president from day one, look at the 400% increase in drone attacks in other innocent nations, look at the Fussion centers, the false flags of Charlotte, Boston, Sandy Hook, etc.
            This is a multifaceted attack on men, on whites, on history, on the very nature of being human.

          • My assumption is that the Deep State and their foreign facilitators of Israel know way way ahead of time how people conceal their IDs. They invented the book of “deception” so there’s nothing you or I or for that matter, any patriotic movements and their members are well known.

  2. If you haven’t done it already, it’s nearly past time – find every place on the Web you can and make a comment, call, text, or email your friends too, because the REAL news is that DOCSIS 3.1 is about to change lives – unless Ajit Pai, Trump’s FCC Director gets in the way.
    What is DOCSIS 3.1
    It’s the new Internet standard that is being rolled out to handle the requirements needed to stream movies, live sports, live Television, and all other events over the Internet. DOCSIS 3.1 without any lagging or buffering, it allows Telecoms to offer Fiber Optic network speeds over existing coax cable without the need to replace any of it. DOCSIS 3.1 is the new telecommunication breakthrough the Internet, through Net Neutrality, has created, but Ajit Pai, wants to take that all away by voting out Net Neutrality –
    It’s time to get your groove on and tell everyone you know that DOCSIS 3.1 is the answer that Net Neutrality created for us – DOCSIS 3.1 is the answer to a new and powerful Intenet for everyone.

    • Well Swingline, DOCSIS 3.1 is the creation of an Israeli based American company whose sole purpose is to have as many people use DOCSIS 3.1 for the same purpose many of the free thinking Americans are forced to register their weapons. it’s another countermeasure fake front for the patriot who are now legally labeled as the “Domestic Terrorists”. What better way to lure them in believing in such breakthrough technology like DOCSIS 3.1? So watch out for what you ask for!

  3. I would not trust trump so much as you do . . . Don’t forget , he did not keept any of his promises and he dose Love Killing people , Children etc

    • Ignorant statement, Trump has done much of what he said he would and the things he hasn’t done is not his fault but the democrats and judges who keep blocking him at every turn! Get your facts before spreading biased lies.
      I don’t care that much for Trump, but give him credit for trying! You could do better? You would have tucked and run the first month.

  4. If our “leadership” is determined to push decent Americans to the brink — a lot of Americans will go down fighting and taking some of the enemy down with them. But I cannot picture American military units shooting Americans in the streets. This is NOT 1860 to 1865 any longer.

      • Welcon, well said. But let me add. All the socially engineered planned and implemented False Flag killings of Americans has been going on since the 2nd. world war. Who do you think brought took us to Vietnam? Who is responsible in the carnage of Vietnam, then the Gulf War, then the Middle East wars and and now all the Talmudic Zionists’ killings of Americans at home and abroad? We the American people must recognize and accept the fact that today we are an occupied country by the Israeli forces at home. So it’s not a question of American forces killings of America but who these American forces are?

  5. 1. A gun ban. They know that such a thing is the final straw the people will not tolerate.
    2. Total collapse of the economy- this will happen soon anyway since we have been living off an illusion that money can be printed indefinitely. Stocks are highest in 30 years- a warning sign. Bitcoin is unrealistically high.
    3. A false flag event of epic proportions. Perhaps alien invented- perhaps a major virus attack.
    4. A solar event may be coming and all power in the country shuts down.
    5. The asteroid in December may be coming instead of passing by.
    6. Perhaps it is just training.
    Pick a card- any card.

  6. What’s new? I’ve reading about the FEMA Camps since the late 70’s through Talmudic Zionists victimized and forced shut down of the Weekly Spotlight! I sure miss getting one of the most informative and true American journalistic weekly! Why can’t Spotlight folks have an Internet based Spotlight with a name like “American Spotlight” or “True American” or “FU TZM” (where TZM stands for the sinister occupiers of America Talmudic Zionist Mafia)?

  7. Trying to push well-armed Americans around is going to be different than shooting down women and children in some small
    Middle East town.

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