Shadowgate/Millie Weaver Arrest Update: Millie Weaver and husband arrested under “secret indictments” and denied bond. A CPS hearing to determine the fate of their young children is scheduled for tomorrow.

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by axolotl_peyotl


Does anyone with legal expertise want to comment on the nature and frequency of a so-called “secret indictment”?

How common is it that both parents of young children can be arrested on a secret indictment and held without bond?

Aren’t you supposed to be told what you’ve been arrested for? The arresting officer told Millie she’d learn the charges at the station. She allegedly never did.

There are rumors that this is regarding an upcoming custody battle for the children…why arrest both parents under a secret indictment if that’s the case? Surely that’s not how domestic violence is normally prosecuted? Why arrest them for “burglary” too if this is a custody issue?

So many questions!!





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