Millions CAN’T Pay Their DEBT Creating the Biggest Consumer Debt Cyclone In History!

The amount of debt people are in today is staggering. There’s no way out of this. Somehow, there has been a weird suggestion that people will somehow evade the burden of debt. This has never happened. When there is massive inflation, they tie your debt to the level of inflation. You will always need to pay back. If it’s hyperinflation or something of that sort, there will be so much chaos, you won’t have any assets, so you’ll be in massive trouble regardless. This is a huge mistake too many people make. It’s ok to buy a house with 20% down payment. But having a credit card with $20,000 on it, a HELOC so you could get your Maserati, and throw in some student loans just for fun, that’s going to punish the person who thinks they will get away without paying back. Paying down debt collapses the central banking system. If you want to be responsible, you will punish them greatly.

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Using debt has been ongoing for years. But as time goes on, there’s a need for more debt and less capital. People utilize their credit card, equity in their homes, and every other form of debt in order to maintain a lifestyle of abundance. Just like stock speculators using margin to boost their potential gains. As the saying goes, you reap what you sow. And said differently, this will eventually come around and hurt people who have take excessive risk.

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As national debt rises, the next financial crisis may be your own

U.S. Credit Cart Debt: U.S. Credit Card Debt Closed 2018 at a Record $870 Billion

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As national debt rises, the next financial crisis may be your own

Average U.S. mortgage size hits record-high $354,500 -MBA | Reuters

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