Millions of voters have ‘never heard the truth’ about Biden files

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by Sensop

The simple truth in the title of this 8:26 youtube post should give one pause. A typical TBPer will expose themselves to contrary views, there is no doubt, and that can, over time, give one a “sense” of the truth of what they hear and read or at least a sense of the motives behind the message.

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There is probably no detail in this broadcast that will open any eyes here, but the presentation does make the point that with so many who get their news from traditional sources, the same sources every day, day after day, entire “narratives” will escape their awareness.

One thing I have learned here on TBP is to not get too comfortable with your world view … you almost never have the whole picture.

Huh! “… never heard the truth.” Whose fault is that?




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