Minneapolis Will Spend $6.4 Million to Try and Get More Police Following Aftermath of Defund Police Movement

Allow liberalism and leftist policies to be carried out to their logical conclusion and this is what happens. After Minneapolis, Minnesota decided to adopt a ‘Defund The Police’ posture, violent & property crime skyrocketed. Now the same city council that voted to disband the police, are voting to spend more money hiring 200 police officers….

(UK Daily Mail) Minneapolis is planning to spend $6.4million to hire dozens of police officers, at a time when some City Council members and activist groups have been advocating to replace the police department following the death of George Floyd.

The City Council voted unanimously Friday to approve the additional funding that police requested. According to the Minneapolis Police Department, there are only 638 officers available to work, which is roughly 200 fewer than usual.

[…] The city was plagued by soaring violent crime last year – with homicide, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, theft and arson all up on last year’s figures.

By the end of the year, police had recorded 532 gunshot victims, more than double the same period a year ago.

Carjackings spiked to 375 by December, up 331 per cent from the same period last year. And violent crimes topped 5,100, compared with just over 4,000 for the same period in 2019. (read more)


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