Missile Attack on Saudi Arabia Last Night

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Good evening, I’m still reporting on: Missile Attack on Saudi Arabia Last Night, 2121
Synopsis: Is it possible that the U.S. coup attempt by significant elements of the FBI, Justice Department and their allies in Congress and the MSM could be only one part – the U.S. part – of a much wider budding asymmetrical worldwide conflict?
Let’s hypothesize that the opponents in this next worldwide war would be called the Clinton Crime Syndicate vs the populist Freedom Lovers. The coach for the home team, Donald J. Trump. The coach for the evil team is a coaching duo – George Soros and Hillary – she, recently replacing Barry what’s-his-name.
This battle rages across the globe, popping up in the news one day here, and the next there. Currently unidentified as such and so not connectable to the vast majority of the populace.

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