Missile attacks to continue on US bases throughout region: Hajizadeh

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“Missile attacks on one of the most important US bases were the start of a major operation that would continue throughout the region”, he said, adding, “We didn’t seek to kill. We sought to hit the enemy’s military machine.”

“The assassination of Lt. Gen. Soleimani was one of US’ greatest historical and strategic mistakes,” Hajizadeh noted.

He went on to say, “We fired 13 missiles at US military bases in Iraq, but we were ready to fire several hundred missiles in one or two hours.”

“We thought it might take two or three days or a week if two sides did not practice self-restraint, so we had prepared several thousand missiles,” added the commander.

Stating, “We were not seeking to kill anyone in the operation, however, tens of people were killed and some were injured, which its statistics will be known,” he said, “If we were going to kill more, we could design the operation so that at least 500 military forces be killed, and if they responded in the next step, we would have changed our position and had no obligation to save the lives of US troops. We would have killed at least 5,000 in the second and third steps within 48 hours.”

Hajizadeh said, “We thought the Americans would attack, but they didn’t,” adding, “They were waiting for a slap in their face and they became a little calm when they faced it.”



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