Missile launch? Mystery object spotted over Whidbey Island (Washington state)

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A mysterious object was spotted by a local photographer over the skies of Whibey Island early Sunday morning, leading to lots of speculation and questions, but no solid answers.

Greg Johnson of Skunk Bay Weather was looking through the pictures snapped by a weather camera on the Kitsap Peninsula when he spotted a photo with a mysterious object. The picture – snapped at 3:56 a.m. Sunday by a high-quality, 20-second exposure camera – shows a bright orange streak in the early morning sky over Whidbey Island.

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Johnson told Q13 News he was hesitant to release the photo.

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Mostly, because it appears to be a missile launched from Naval Air Station Whidbey Island.


Q posted the image of what seems to be a missile launch as well.

This is not a game. Certain events were not suppose to take place. Q


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