Missing CEO Of CLINTON FOUNDATION ERIC BRAVERMAN Appears To Be In FBI Custody. Missing Arms Dealer MARK TURI Who Was The BENGHAZI FALLGUY Possibly Dead.

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by Pamela Williams

I have been keeping up with missing CEO Eric Braverman of the Clinton Foundation.  It was first reported that he had taken refuge at the Russian Embassy in New York seeking asylum.  He had been exposed in one of the WIKILEAKS Podesta emails as a mole within the Clinton Foundation.  Chelsea Clinton had hired Braverman to clean house, but the old crew at the Foundation resented him being there.  Bill Clinton’s handler Doug Band…such a creep…wanted him out.  He later resigned and was teaching at Yale, or he was supposed to do that.  As far as I can see he had a meeting on October 30, 2016, but he did not attend the meeting. His last tweet was on October 12, 2016 (twitter.com/eric_braverman/with_replies).
Braverman wed Neil Brown, who also became involved with the Benghazi  arms deal…bear with me here, as this is a complicated story.  It is not clear to me if Braverman  knew of this before he married Brown.  There are so many ins and outs in the Benghazi story.

But one thing that is very clear is Braverman did not know what he was stepping in to when he was hired by Chelsea Clinton to clean house at the Foundation.
Doug Band, Bill Clinton’s right had man, did not want Braverman’s intrusion into the criminal empire he had helped to build.

Eric Braverman, this report notes, is a current lecturer in the practice of government at Yale University who previously served as a partner at the US-based global consulting firm McKinsey & Company—and who, in 2013, became the CEO of the Clinton Foundation until his abrupt, and unexplained, leaving this known money laundering criminal organization this past December (2015) just prior to Hillary Clinton announcing her candidacy for president.

Eric Braverman was made the CEO of the Clinton Foundation in 2013, this report explains, after Hillary Clinton’s daughter, Chelsea, “declared war” on this criminal enterprise after stunning details emerged showing her father, former President Bill Clinton, had raised over $1 billion though the foundation to rebuild 100 villages in India, but only spent $53 million with him and his wife, Hillary Clinton, pocketing the rest.
Braverman eventually went to NBC News and spoke with someone there about what he had found at the Foundation, telling them “to follow the money”.  When WIKILEAKS dropped the Podesta emails, the world could see, as Braverman saw, Podesta knew Braverman was the mole inside the Foundation, or at least he was before resigning.  At that point, Braverman disappeared, and the talk was he was seeking asylum at the Russian Embassy in New York.  However, there was doubt in some circles this was true.
As I was following the story very closely, eventually I found the following which made more sense to me:


Last week, we reported the disappearance of former CEO of the Clinton Foundation Eric Braverman. Intel provided suggested that he fled the country fearing for his life, seeking asylum in Russia.
That was nine days ago, and there has still been no word from (or sightings of) Eric Braverman.
However, a new source within the intelligence community suggests that was misinformation intentionally spread through social media by several sources, and in fact, he is being held in protective custody by the FBI in exchange for his testimony against Hillary Clinton.
In an email exchange, Neera Tanden the president of CAP,  warned John Podesta to “keep tabs on Doug Band who she thought was the insider who told NBC to “follow the money and the find the real HRC scandal”.
John Podesta quickly wrote back to identify the real source as former Clinton Foundation CEO Eric Braverman which shocks Tanden who replies, “Holy Moses.”
This was in Wikileaks Email 25357:
Of course, when Braverman heard of the above leak, he must have realized he had to do something, or he would end up in the CLINTON DEADPOOL.  For all we know this could be true now.
There is a man on YouTube who has been following the Eric Braverman story, along with the story of a missing arms dealer named Marc Turi.  If you remember, Turi was set up as the fall guy for the Benghazi arms deal by Obama and Clinton. The DOJ was to prosecute Turi, but he went to Fox News and told his story.  Eventually the DOJ dropped the case.  However, Turi was a very bold man, as he threatened to drop a bombshell on Clinton.  Now he has disappeared, too. It is believed he could be a part of the CLINTON DEADPOOL.


The Obama administration is moving to dismiss charges against an arms dealer it had accused of selling weapons that were destined for Libyan rebels.
Lawyers for the Justice Department on Monday filed a motion in federal court in Phoenix to drop the case against the arms dealer, an American named Marc Turi, whose lawyers also signed the motion.
The deal averts a trial that threatened to cast additional scrutiny on Hillary Clinton’s private emails as Secretary of State, and to expose reported Central Intelligence Agency attempts to arm rebels fighting Libyan leader Moammar Qadhafi.
Government lawyers were facing a Wednesday deadline to produce documents to Turi’s legal team, and the trial was officially set to begin on Election Day, although it likely would have been delayed by protracted disputes about classified information in the case.
A Turi associate asserted that the government dropped the case because the proceedings could have embarrassed Clinton and President Barack Obama by calling attention to the reported role of their administration in supplying weapons that fell into the hands of Islamic extremist militants.

The above video was published on November 9, 2016 by George Webb.  Webb is very knowledgeable on Benghazi and the whole Clinton Foundation.  He has made a series of videos on missing Eric Braverman, Marc Turi, Benghazi, and the Clinton Foundation.  These videos are a wellspring of information, and I hope everyone who reads this report will watch the video, too.
The below site is a wellspring of information on Benghazi, Marc Turi, and Hillary Clinton.  I do not see how Clinton is going to get away from what she has done.  However, the latest is that Obama is going to pardon her.  Yet, I feel eventually Benghazi will catch up to her.  I just pray that Eric Braverman and Marc Turi have not ended up in the CLINTON DEADPOOL.  I hope after reading this report, some attention will be called to Braverman and Turi.

Most of our readers know that we were in Libya for 100 days during the illegal Clinton/NATO war against that country and that we were captured by Clinton’s Al Qaeda mercenaries, sentenced to death only to escape by 3 miracles. Recently there has been a lot of media covering Marc Turi, the man Hillary Clinton hired to figure a way to sneak weapons into Libya to arm her Al Qaeda mercenaries against the embargo by the UN. The plan was to run the arms through Qatar to wash the proof of where they had come from, well just so happens the Libyan’s Coast Guard captured some of the gun runners and they confessed everything. www.foxnews.com/politics/2016/10/11/arms-dealer-says-administrati…
As proven by Marc Turi’s most recent interview with Fox News, the Clinton plan was to run guns through Qatar – thus the proof is in the video – these are Clinton’s illegal arms being supplied to radical Islamic terrorists, ending up in the hands of Al Qaeda, ISIS, Ansar Al Sharia, LIFG and other radical groups.
This act alone makes Hillary Clinton a war criminal and a traitor to the USA.


53 thoughts on “Missing CEO Of CLINTON FOUNDATION ERIC BRAVERMAN Appears To Be In FBI Custody. Missing Arms Dealer MARK TURI Who Was The BENGHAZI FALLGUY Possibly Dead.

    • That is a good point. Plus, there are so many crimes already exposed. Which one would he choose. I think she is going to go down one way or another.

    • Legally he can. (as Ford did when he pardoned Nixon). However, should he do this, any legacy he has left will be down the drain completely. Make the Mark Rich deal look like small change.

        • Reagan and Bush II are quite close to Obama as the worst presidents in my book. Two spoilt rote sycophants and one total sockpuppet fraud.
          Trump has already done the world more good than all three of those other idiots put together.

      • doh – Legally Obama cannot pardon Hillary Clinton, because to date Clinton has not been charged with anything. The concept is exceedingly simple. She is doomed.
        Or is there such a thing as a “pre-emptive padon”? LOL, I don’t think so.
        Marc Rich was already under charges for crimes when he was pardoned by Bill Clinton.
        Richard Nixon was already impeached and found guilty when pardoned by Gerald Ford.
        Now you’ve got it straight: Obama cannot pardon Clinton, period.

      • If I am not mistaken, Nixon was formally impeached, by act of both Houses of Congress, and he resigned to escape trial. So, effectively, he had been indicted. It was the indictment that he was pardoned from.

    • Yes, pardon her for what? As distasteful as it is for me to say she is “innocent until proven guilty in a court of law”–so without being charged or convicted what exactly could/would she be pardoned for?

  1. Aw gee….he didn’t have enough time to sink the sausage in his new wife?…..how horrible is that? Apparently hill’s faulty judgment strikes again and again and again. Maybe the FBI can glean something useful from him that will stick against the pretend charity foundation.

    • The FBI doesn’t need to. All they have to do is raid the foundation and look over the paperwork.
      It hasn’t happened because the DOJ has been wholly corrupt for at least eight years.

  2. A 60ish man was found dead in the NYC Russian consulate a few days ago. Conflicting reports: heart attack or head injuries. Turi looks like he could be around 60.

  3. The fight continues..time to purge the criminals and hang the
    traiders from our political system…time to apprehend those who would
    trash our Constitution, violate our laws, willfully destroy our Christian principles!
    If you work for a TLA dot gov agency and know the truth, keep
    true to your oath, NOW! This is NOT the time for good men to do
    nothing! A Final Strike from you is now required! God keep you safe.
    MoveOn Organizes Anti-Trump Protests Around Country?????
    George Soros DNC paid thugs are afoot. ! !!!! George Soros for jail. !!!!
    2+2=4 NOT 5 Who is George Soros? he is NOT John Gault! Time to get
    your head out of your professors bum and come up for some fresh air!
    Time to get it right, your party is in Hillary’s crime purse and
    Final Strike is now require!
    Helping Hand for TRUMP was successful……..
    ……………now is the time to MoveON for Finial Strike!!!….!
    Do not blame the younger collage kids for they: ” Do not Know
    and do NOT know they don’t Know” Mark Scott. The schools have
    been politicize by the left wing criminals!

  4. A lot of speculation. The fact that the mainstream press is avoiding it usually means the conclusions will be explosive. How long will these jackass#s cover for the Clintons? The SS Clinton is sinking.

    • Perhaps The Clinton Crime Family is being rendered non-functional.
      The Bush and Clinton Crime Families are so intertwined it is often hard to tell them apart. Should the crimes of the Clintons be fully exposed so may the Bush Afghanistan 1 Trillion/year Heroin Empire which has at least HUNDREDS if not thousands of high placed political and Banking operators in the USA.
      There is so much criminality in DC exposing it all would truly drain the swamp. The problem is of course that swamp holds very powerful creatures.
      The traditional way DC handles this problem is to find an important fall guy (NOT a Bush or Clinton). James Comey has been a Clinton cleaner for decades. It is possible the Clintons may this time be the fall guys. This may require a plane or two to crash.

      • I’d much rather it end in a murder suicide with Bill being very distraught over Trump’s outing him as a sexual deviant during the second debate, as a motive for shooting Hillary and then himself, which the police find in a suicide note at the scene. Seems much more fitting an end for two crooks that scammed the American public for so long. They won’t be missed, except by the 1%.

        • LOL Yes it is sure nice to dream. After having over 100 people, that we know of, murdered how nice that the most evil couple in US history should suffer the exact same fate.

  5. “I have been keeping up with missing CEO Eric Braverman of the Clinton
    Foundation. It was first reported that he had taken refuge at the
    Russian Embassy in New York seeking asylum. ”
    There is no “Russian Embassy” in New York.
    If you fuck-up that badly in the second sentence, who’s going to read the rest??

    • The Consulate-General of Russia in New York City,
      9 E 91st St, New York, NY 10128
      See, you could have looked it up for yourself but you were trying to shame someone but the fool is you.
      Call them and ask them if they have a copy of the KGB files Gorbachev released confirming that Sen. Joseph McCarthy was right about those traitors or you could buy Stanton Evans book.

      • Now it is being reported by Webb that Braverman did in fact go to the Embassy, and what some said was “fake news” is, in fact, true. So it is my conclusion, that he was afraid for this life. That tells us he is in hiding. Webb now says the last call he made was from an FBI office in Louisiana. He looks to be in FBI custody.

    • You are splitting hairs. Reasonable, knowledgeable, educated people clearly understand that the article is referring to a consulate.

  6. how nice of NBC to impede an investigation into the corrupt foundation by warning the clinton camp. somebody needs to be going to prison at NBC-u-there-hillary

    • The latest information from George Webb, who keeps up with this daily is that Eric Braverman and Neil Brown may be alive possibly living on Sea Island in Georgia. I do not know who his source is. However, if this true, or not true…in my opinion…Braverman wants the world to think he is dead. This is a very intriguing story, and it does not need to be dropped. This is all about the Clinton Foundation and its hold on our world.

  7. Even if Obama pardons Hillary can’t something be done through the United Nations to prosecute her and Obama because in 2011 the United Nations imposed an Arm’s embargo to Libya?

  8. Eric Braverman, this report notes, is a current lecturer in the practice of government at Yale University who previously served as a partner at the US-based global consulting firm McKinsey & Company—and who, in 2013, became the CEO of the Clinton Foundation until his abrupt, and unexplained, leaving this known money laundering criminal organization this past December (2015) just prior to Hillary Clinton announcing her candidacy for president.

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