Mistrial after black jurors refuse to convict young black male, who murdered a white woman…

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Robbery, in her home. Hands and feet bound, 24 stab wounds. Her son found her.

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(perp) Resiles, aka, “moochie”, had a criminal history that went back to before he was a teenager and included several burglaries in Palm Beach and Broward counties.

He escaped during a pre-trial hearing on July 15, 2016, from Judge Raag Singhal’s courtroom on the fourth floor.

His supporters used “#runmoochierun” on social media for days and a local rapper later made a song in his honor.

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This is what these liberal monsters have created. In what universe does this serve “social justice” or black people when he’ll do it again and the next victim may be black? It’s open season on everyone because of these f*ckers.

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