MIT Media Lab’s director is stepping down after whistleblower

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Emails indicate effort by MIT administrators to hide Epstein gifts and their understanding that Epstein directed gifts from Bill Gates and Leon Black.

MIT launches independent investigation because of this article:

How an elite university research center concealed its relationship with a sex offender—documents show MIT Media Lab accepted donations directed by Jeffrey Epstein far in excess of what the university has admitted to, and worked to cover it up:

After Epstein was a convicted sex offender, listed as “disqualified” from donating in MIT’s database, MIT Media Lab worked closely with Epstein, secretly taking donations from him or labeled as having been secured at his direction, from his contacts, including Bill Gates.

While MIT has maintained that it only accepted $800,000 from Epstein, documents and sources show that he was credited with direct involvement in at least $7.5 million of donations, and gave input about how to use the funds.

Internal emails and sources show lab leadership actively directed staff to conceal Epstein’s role in the contributions. Epstein was listed only by his initials on the lab director’s calendar. Staff took to calling Epstein “Voldemort” or “he who must not be named.”

Epstein was secretly invited to meet with faculty and leadership. He was accompanied by two young women, and lab staff feared for their safety. Staff were told to avoid naming Epstein in emails about the meeting and to prevent a professor who objected from spotting Epstein.

Whistleblowers said they feared the lab helped Epstein shield himself with his relationships with prestigious institutions—and that they believed a cover-up was ongoing.





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