MNUCHIN: We're 'pretty close' to 'major reform'… Obamacare repeal brought back to life…. Stocks pop!

CNBC reports:

The Trump administration is close to bringing forward “major tax reform,” Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said Thursday, days after he tempered expectations for how quickly it will pass.
Mnuchin, who this week backed off of his earlier goal of passing tax reform by August, said the White House will unveil a plan “very soon.” However, the Trump administration previously missed several of its deadlines for releasing its tax plan.
In terms of timing, he said he hoped passing a tax overhaul will not “take till the end of the year.”

Politico reports:

A frantic and impatient White House is pressuring House GOP leaders for another showdown vote on repealing Obamacare next week so it can notch a legislative win before President Donald Trump’s first 100 days in office.
But while the outlines of a possible deal are starting to come together, it’s far from clear that House Republican leaders have found the sweet spot to pass their embattled alternative health plan.
The White House does not schedule House floor votes. And while some senior administration officials suggested Thursday that a vote will occur next week, multiple House GOP sources told POLITICO that is unlikely.
Indeed, the vote is not currently on the calendar. Nor do Republican insiders think it’s even possible, as Congress will reconvene Tuesday after a two-week Easter recess. That would leave them with one day to whip votes — an unlikely time frame for such a heavy legislative lift.
“The question is whether it can get 216 votes in the House, and the answer isn’t clear at this time,” a senior GOP aide said. “There is no legislative text and therefore no agreement to do a whip count on.”

Stocks pop:
Dow Jones Industrial Average (^DJI)


10 thoughts on “MNUCHIN: We're 'pretty close' to 'major reform'… Obamacare repeal brought back to life…. Stocks pop!

  1. As long as the medical criminal network can charge $ 1000.00 for a 15 minute office visit and get medicare or Obamacare to pay for it, they will never be reform. The charges from doctors is a racket. If you don’t have insurance, the price is 30,000 for a 3 hour visit to the emergency room. If you have insurance, the insurance company bills 1100 plus your co-pay. The medical establishment deliberately inflates prices 10 fold to force everyone to buy insurance. Their will never be reform because congress never talks about the real problem.

  2. Where “reform” is tax breaks for major corporations and the rich, a true fascist state with the ex-president of EXXON as secretary of state.

    • Not fascist, but this time the three biggest mafia organization are represented by the White House: Cosa Nostra, Kosher Nostra and some Russian oligarchs. Conflict of interest – what a silly thought. Americans seem to like the new Trump royalty.

      • There is no Russian mafia. It was always a jew mafia. All the so-called Russian oligarchs are jews. Why do you think they scurried off to israHell the minute they were put under the spotlight? The so-called Russian revolution was, in fact, a jew take-over, a coup.
        No doubt you’ve heard or read the name Meyer Lansky. He was the true “cappa de cappa” of organized crime in the US. He was 100% jew, not Italian. He was also the most ardent supporter of the apartheid hell-hole called israHell, both in spirit and financially.
        And, before anyone tries jumping down my throat calling me an “anti-semite,” don’t bother. All of this is public knowledge. Go look it up

  3. Repeal and Replace with what? Again, We saw it was worse then ORomneycare. Now what and why? As an Employer I find Obamacare to be a better value the before. I see posts by mostly “Keyboard commandos” spouting Anti-Obamacare screeds like Parrots raised by Faux Nuez. How about some Posts by other Employers? ”
    Replace with what?” Is still the question.

    • That’s the problem isn’t it? When is our collective gag reflex going to kick-in and force us off our couches and into the streets? I for one am sick of swallowing this shit, but I don’t wish to be the first to be “wacked” in the game of “Wack-a-mole.”

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