Modern Slavery – Fantasy of Freedom

A demonstration that brilliantly shows the true face of our reality— we are all wage slaves living under the illusion of freedom.

Modern Slavery: Fantasy of Freedom (Jones Plantation)

Mr. Jones owned a cotton plantation and many slaves. One day he was talking to the owner of the plantation next to his, and Mr. Jones was lamenting the fact that times were tough, he was having to work his slaves harder than ever, and was having trouble with some of them being disobedient, or trying to run away. The other plantation owner said he knew someone who could help.

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One day Mr. Jones called his slaves together so a man named Mr. Smith could talk to them. Before beginning, Mr. Smith whispered to Mr. Jones, “Whatever I say do not contradict me or interfere and I promise your slave troubles will end.”

“My name is Mr. Smith,” he said to the slaves, “and this may be the happiest day of your lives. From today forward you will no longer be slaves but free men.” Mr. Jones was so shocked he started to step forward but Mr. Smith gestured to him to remain silent. He did only because the other plantation owner had spoken so highly of Mr. Smith’s skills.

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“You are no longer property of Mr. Jones– Mr. Smith continued – you are free; no more you will be forced to labor for the benefit of Mr. Jones. Now you can work for yourselves. “

Now the slaves were all murmuring and looking at each other. Many were smiling, many were looking puzzled.


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