● Shot: Congressional Democrats rebut Trump charge they want to defund police.

—Headline, the Washington Examiner, Thursday.

● Chaser: Majority of Minneapolis City Council signs pledge to disband police department.

—Headline, the Washington Examiner, today.

● Hangover: NRCC turns up heat on vulnerable Democrats over [Ilhan] Omar’s call to abolish police.

—Headline, The Hill, Friday.

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AOC’s tweet is also included in article: “If police budgets bought peace, the $6 *billion* NYPD budget would’ve bought the most sophisticated de-escalatory operation in the world.”

New Yorkers are now getting the bad old days of the pre-Giuliani era good and hard. As Kyle Smith warned in 2013 on the eve of de Blasio’s election, he and fellow New Yorkers “grouse about soda bans and Citi Bikes. Twenty years ago, we worried about being mugged or murdered. Electing a Democrat who demonizes the police would ignore the luxury provided by two decades of safety.”

●  Finally, the D.T.s:

DC Mayor Muriel Bowser had “Black Lives Matter” painted onto 16th St. just down from the White House. Last night protesters added “Defund The Police”

—Tweet by Doug Mills of the New York Times today. As Charlie Sykes of the Bulwark correctly notes at that last link, “This is *huge* in-kind contribution to the Trump campaign. A gift.



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