Mohamed A. El-Erian: “The Fed will tell you transitory. It will work itself out. A lot of companies are telling you I’m not sure it’s so transitory. So who do you listen to: the Fed or do you listen to a growing number of companies?”

‘Transitory’ Could Be Longer Than Market Signals, SEI’s CIO Says

It’s the top question on the minds of everyone involved in the markets these days: How long is “transitory” when it comes to the Federal Reserve’s view on hotter-than-normal inflation? Jim Smigiel, chief investment officer at SEI Investments, joined the latest “What Goes Up” podcast to discuss why his firm is “happy to take the side of an overshoot” when it comes to rising prices.

Inflation is back. Biden should be worried

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New York (CNN Business)It’s time to sound the inflation alarm inside the White House.

From used cars and gasoline to lumber and food, prices are surging. The return of inflation, after a decades-long absence, is squeezing families and businesses recovering from the pandemic.
In many ways, higher prices can be seen as evidence that President Joe Biden’s economic and health policies are working. The successful rollout of vaccines is allowing companies to reopen and Americans to resume traveling, spending and working. Growth is being turbo-charged by rock-bottom interest rates and unprecedented fiscal stimulus.



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