Sven Henrich: The Fed is printing like it’s 2008 with valuations north of 205% market cap to GDP while billionaires are celebrating launching themselves into space.

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Party’s Over: Bank of America Sees Stagflationary Mess Slamming Markets In Second Half

In short, a stagflationary mess is about to unfold.

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The Fed Can’t Tighten

“The Fed will be forced into a state of more or less permanent ease, almost regardless of the reported inflation rate”…

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2021 Q1 Earnings Results: Still Massively Overvalued and Who Cares?: DecisionPoint

The normal P/E range for the S&P 500 is 10 (undervalued) to 20 (overvalued), but the P/E spike in 2009 nearly pushed that range into oblivion. The current P/E of 45.89 is the third highest in history, but it is the highest ever reached during a market advance. (The P/E peaks in 2002 and 2009 were reached after major market crashes.)


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