Monday’s Inflation Report Preview (What Screams May Come!) – PPI Final Demand YoY Was 4.2% YoY

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by confoundedinterest17

Friday’s Purchase Price Index Final Demand YoY came in hotter than expected (4.2% YoY compared to an expectation of 3.8% YoY).

Economists surveyed by Bloomberg are forecasting a 2.5% YoY for CPI to be released on Monday morning.

But it is difficult to forecast the CPI YoY figure given that consumers are projected to spend less than 25% of Biden’s stimulus checks (mostly to pay down debts, not buy Ford F-150 pickup trucks or food).

Given the the PPI Final Demand YoY lead the CPI Urban Consumers YoY, I am expected a 3.7% YoY print on Monday.

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Now that Biden/Fed/Treasury have returned to “Helicopter Money” with a vengeance, it becomes progressively more difficult to predict economic reports.

I used to be a frequent guest on CNN, Fox Business, Bloomberg TV and CNBC, but no longer. Was it something I said?

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