Monkeypox Rising, Officials Ramp Up Testing, WHO Does Emergency Meeting

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by Chris Black

Here we go again.

People are freaking out in the replies to the WHO tweet.

This is a pox which – like many diseases – is spread primarily or exclusively by gay sex, but they’re now calling it a crisis and an emergency.

I don’t think “medical tyranny” is over, at all, and I think further mass hysteria is coming down the pipe.

My theory this entire time has been that the vaccine is going to cause a condition that they blame on a new virus, or at least that they will be able to publish real death statistics skyrocketing as evidence of a new virus.

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Deaths did not go up in 2020, during “the height of the pandemic,” which proved there was no virus, but deaths have massively spiked “post-pandemic.”

It’s not just the vaccine – it’s also suicide and drug ODs – but they won’t talk about any of it.

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