More attempts to depress GOP voter turnout

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THE WALL STREET JOURNAL EDITORIALIZES: The ‘Red Wave’ Illusion: Evidence builds of major GOP losses in November.

Republicans on present trend are poised in November to lose their majority in the House of Representatives and a slew of governorships. That’s the clear message from Tuesday’s election contests and a growing body of evidence. The President’s persona is trumping positive policy results among voters, and without some intervening news or a change in strategy the result is likely to be a national left turn.

Republicans appear to have won a narrow victory in the special House election in Ohio, with provisional and absentee ballots still to be counted. But a win of less than 1% in a heavily Republican district is hardly a show of strength. The Democratic share of the two-party vote surged as it has in every special election this year, while GOP State Senator Troy Balderson was crushed in Franklin County around Columbus by 2 to 1.

The ominous news for Republicans is that they hold about 68 House seats that are less Republican than this Ohio district.

On the other hand: Democrats lead in generic ballot is shrinking. Down to five points this morning – last four polls (three weekly trackers) in a row show it even tighter. IBD/TIPP has a tie.

But nobody knows anything. If you care, the best thing to do is get involved in a swing-state or swing-district race, whether or not it’s where you live.

UPDATE: “Absolutely” a blue Muslim wave coming, says Michigan congressional candidate Rashida Tlaib.

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