More Biden/Ukraine Tapes Released — Arkancide Implications Arise

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BREAKING: More Biden audio tapes were just released from Ukraine in which Poroshenko thanks Biden for the help from the CIA in a fight against a witness to Biden/ Poroshenko organized crime, Alexander Onishchenko, who was poisoned.

UPDATE: BREAKING…More Biden Audio Tapes From Ukraine…Discussing Destroying Witnesses To Corruption, Planning Organized Crime Schemes…Detained Witness Alleges He Was Arrested And Poisoned While Traveling To US To Testify

Loose translation of local Ukrainian press…

A curious episode of conversations on Alexander Onishchenko.
Poroshenko was so nervous about him that he asked for Biden’s help.

He thanked the deputy prime minister that he connected the CIA and spoke with the FBI so that they would not pay attention to the statements of the Ukrainian people’s deputy.

At the same time, Onishchenko himself described the exposure of Poroshenko’s corruption as “the implementation of the Russian scenario to destabilize the situation in Ukraine”, which Ukrainian intelligence together with the CIA was able to “stop”. Moreover, the last connected Biden, judging by the conversation. This indicates that he was directly involved in the fight against political opponents of Poroshenko.

In addition, it turns out that Ukrainian intelligence also worked against Onishchenko, carrying out orders from Poroshenko. By the way, it was then headed by Valery Kondratyuk (his name is mentioned in the conversation). And he leads it now. Already under Zelensky. Whether he changed his approaches to fulfilling political tasks and who sets these tasks for him is an open question.

Onyshchenko was arrested on an Interpol warrant by Ukrainian authorities in late 2019 in Germany as he was traveling to the United States to testify against Biden during the impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump.

Onyshchenko is now in a German hospital after he alleges he was poisoned in prison. He fears for his life.

Did old Sleepy, Creepy, Pedo Joe try to arkancide Onyshchenko?



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