The Mainstream Media Has Lied To You Before And They’re Lying To You Again

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By Jon Hall

With the latest bout of Black Lives Matter protests that started around the end of May in Minneapolis – and still currently ongoing – the mainstream media has proven to not only be fully on board with their violent rhetoric but also with normalizing brutality and racism.

To be clear: black lives do matter. There is a systemic problem regarding the training and guidance new police recruits in the United States undergo.

With how the mainstream media cozied up to protestors who are unwilling to any form of discourse and completely unhinged in their actions is already heavily problematic. If you take a closer look at what the media has condoned by supporting the protesting (see also: rioting), it becomes even uglier.

Across Saint Paul, Minneapolis’ neighboring city, 170 businesses were damaged, looted, or burnt three days after the death of George Floyd. In Louisville, David McAtee, a local restaurant owner, was shot and killed outside of his restaurant. Also in Louisville, Barry Perkins died after being hit by a FedEx truck driver fleeing from looters.

77-year-old retired police captain, David Dorn, was killed and shot by looters at a pawn shop. Dorn was African American. Did his black life not matter?

In Chicago, John Tiggs was shot in the abdomen at a T-Mobile store while there to pay his bill – and died. In Kansas City, 50-year-old dad, Marvin Francois was murdered by robbers while he was picking up one of his sons from a protest.

With all of that – and that is highlighting just a mere few instances of people murdered directly as a result of rioting, the coverage of the victims has been nearly non-existent on network news.

At maximum, network news has spent a little over 2 minutes in their respective coverage – with none of the airtime on those murdered in riots cracking even 1% when comparing total airtime of coverage pertaining to civil unrest from the networks

Adding CHAZ to the equation truly drives home the negligent reporting from CBS, NBC, and ABC over the recent riots and ensuing chaos.

CHAZ – or “Capital Hill Autonomous Zone”, henceforth re-branded as CHOP – or “Capital Hill Occupied (or Organized) Protest” – is 6 blocks within Seattle where protestors pushed out a precinct of police and set-up walls and barricades blocking off their “autonomous” paradise, required photo I.D. to enter, and stationed armed guards.

Nevermind that those three regular policies established within CHAZ are what the left has been on a war-path since, well, forever – the hypocrisy doesn’t end there.

The CHAZ was taken over by a rapper, Raz Simone. Whether or not he’s a “warlord” seems to be contested by the likes of Yahoo!News‘ John Fund who reported:

Solomon [Raz] Simone… is the self-styled leader of the 300 or 400 CHAZians. Critics call him a ‘warlord’.

The notion that only “critics” are calling Raz Simone a warlord is right in line with the mainstream media’s condoning of the civil unrest.

Raz Simone has attacked people within CHAZ for not complying with his orders. On the night CHAZ was taken over, Simone was patrolling the 6 block radius with an AK-47 and handgun, shouting “this is war” from his megaphone.

Raz has allegedly also attacked a citizen journalist. While the two were arguing – Raz claimed he was “peaceful” before throwing hits at the man and his camera.

Raz has allegedly been videoed handing out guns to protestors in CHAZ. Despite acting as the sole executor of justice in a police-free zone, lashing out at dissenters, and arming the rebellion, remember – only Raz’s critics are calling him a warlord.

On Saturday night, Seattle PD officers responded to shots fired in Cal Anderson Park around 2:30 AM in CHAZ. Police bodycam shows officers arriving and marching through to the scene with guns drawn as a group of protestors approach the police.

In the video, an officer calls through a megaphone: “Please move out of the way so we can get to the victim. All we want to do is… provide them aid.

Two victims were taken to a nearby medical center by CHAZ “medics”. One of the victims died of his injuries, with the other in critical condition.

All of this is the behavior and actions condoned by the mainstream mediaAfter years of the media accusing Donald Trump of normalizing violence, their washing away and willfully omitting the victims killed in the riots is not only shameless, but voidless of ethics or morals.

If you think the concept of BLM being infiltrated by cultural marxists is too far-fetched, let me really drive the point home…

Video dug up from 2015 shows Patrisse Cullors, founder of BLM, confirming the group has a hidden agenda:

We actually do have an ideological frame. Myself and Alicia in particular, we’re trained organizers. We are trained Marxists.

Patrisse, Alicia Garza, and Opal Tometa founded Black Lives Matter together – self-described as “trained Marxists”. For those unfamiliar with Soviet defector and KGB operative, Yuri Bezmenov’s interview on cultural Marxism need to watch this short clip:

The subversion and demoralization referenced by Bezmenov doesn’t beget any productive or unified path forward as a country – only destruction.

This is exactly what the mainstream media stands behind.

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