More Censorship: YouTube is Issuing Termination Notices to Finance Channels

by Stephanie Shepard

There’s a tactic these Big Tech platforms use to ban people. They blame the content creators for the spammers in their comment sections and use it as an excuse to shutdown their channels. Usually it’s done by bots the Big Tech platforms could take care of on their own but they choose not to. The Big Tech platforms KNOW the accounts they’re trying to ban are being infiltrated.

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When I was a moderator on a subreddit I saw it all the time. The sub would get infiltrated with bots spamming threats and colorful language. I spent most of my time as a moderator deleting spam content. Eventually the subreddit  got banned for “hate speech” or “inciting violence”.  The tactic worked against pro-Trump and pro-Q content across all platforms and now they’re targeting the financial channels. 



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