More than 21,000 people in the UK have died due to the consequences of the lockdown in response to COVID-19, such as lack of access to healthcare

  • Almost 2,700 people more than normal died during eight weeks of restrictions 
  • Report claims many died because they were unable to get urgent healthcare 
  • A&E attendances halved, while cancer referrals had plunged by 70 per cent

Up to 21,000 people have died because of unintended consequences of lockdown – many due to a lack of access to healthcare, according to a shocking study.

In the eight weeks after restrictions were put in place an average of almost 2,700 extra people died a week than would be usual for the time of year, despite Covid-19 not contributing to their deaths.

Many of these victims died because they were unable to get urgent healthcare, it emerged last night.


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