More Than 50% of Households in THESE 4 Largest U.S. Cities Could NOT Pay Their Bills!

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The majority of people today have serious problems with their finances. They are running on fumes. Redlining it. Pushing it to the max. When a person gets a raise at work, they buy a new car, move into a new house, take expensive vacations, and generally spend more. They don’t have more left over at the end of the day, until their income goes far above the median level. 


More than half of households in 4 largest U.S. cities struggled financially during pandemic, poll shows

Half of Households in the Four Largest U.S. Cities Report Serious Financial Problems Including Depleted Savings, and Trouble Paying Bills or Affording Medical Care: Poll – RWJF–half-of-households-in-the-four-largest-us-cities-report-serious-financial-problems.html

Business Vacancies Rise on New York City’s Broadway – WSJ,street%2Dlevel%20vacancies%20along%20Broadway.

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Coronavirus travel: Labor Day travelers hit nearly 6-month high but weekend caps dismal summer

(16) Jim Bianco on Twitter: “The NASDAQ completed a 10% correction just 3 trading days after setting a new all-time high (September 2). This sets a new record for the fastest 10% correction in history. The old record was 6 trading days from Feb 19 to Feb 27, 2020. The NASDAQ Index started in 1978.” / Twitter

(16) Holger Zschaepitz on Twitter: “Swiss National Bank is one of the leading tech investors in the world. 28% of SNB’s Equity portfolio is allocated to tech stocks. Swiss CenBank has 17.4mln Apple shares worth $6.3bn or 538k Tesla shares worth $630mln.” / Twitter

This US stock bubble could rank among the biggest in history | Financial Times

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How To Find Value In An Upside Down World – RIA



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