Moscow has ‘irrefutable’ evidence chem attack in Syria’s Douma was staged – Russia’s envoy to OPCW

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We shall see. If they really can prove it, then they are doing the world a favor. As far as I can see, the White Helmets are a PR agency

An RT reporter did say in this video that they have the following common-sense evidence of fakery by the White Helmets:

Ok, she is saying:

1) At the beginning of the video, the “rescuers” are wearing no gas masks and no protections from chemical weapons at all

2) The barrel bomb posted in the video allegedly pierced a concrete reinforcement with its tail intact

3) The barrel itself was intact too, so how did the supposed toxic agent inside vaporize and disperse?

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4) In the second video they show, White helmets are running into a contaminated zone with no protection.

5) Other people caught in peripheral of second video are walking casually by, no hurry, no harm, no coughing and look confused as to why the actors are running.

6) Speculations without evidence that chlorine and organophosphates were used, which in both cases would make running into the zone without gas masks fatal.

7) Victims of this type of gas shouldn’t be treated with a hose and water. This doesn’t decontaminate them. The only thing that can help is a “toxicide” injection.

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8) While helping victims of a real chemical attack, the workers would need to wear gas masks and protective gear because they chemicals contaminate everything they touch.

9) Even chlorine affects the skin and burns it. Gloves are necessary. And organophosphorus compounds require full protective gear because even clothes can’t protect rescuers.

10) It takes chlorine 3 hours to evaporate from an earth road, 6 hour on grass, and 16 hours in an urban area. The rescuers would have been incapacitated if they had run in unprotected, and the people calmly walking by on the street would be dead.

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