Most Twitter users are ‘talking to themselves’: Only 25% of Americans use the platform and a quarter of users account for 97% of all tweets

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  • Pew study published Monday finds only a quarter of American adults use Twitter
  • Of those on the platform, the most active 25% produce 97% of all tweets
  • Still, highly active tweeters receive little engagement from the rest of Twitter
  • The majority of their activity consists or retweets or replies to other tweets 

Most Americans do not use Twitter, and of those who do, a minority of highly active users produce nearly all tweets, a new study finds.

The study from Pew Research published Monday found that 25 percent of American adults use Twitter, and that among users the most active 25 percent produced 97 percent of all tweets.

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Among this highly active group, 80 percent of all tweets are either retweets or replies to other tweets, with original tweets making up just 14 percent of posts.

And despite their high volume of posting, this group receives only modest engagement from the rest of Twitter, with an average of 37 likes and only one retweet a month.


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