“MOSTLY PEACEFUL” MEANS “PARTLY VIOLENT”: Here Are The Four Portland Teenagers Facing Federal Charges Related To Violent Protests…. The Left Is Always The Victim In The Media

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Here Are The Four Portland Teenagers Facing Federal Charges Related To Violent Protests.

  • Four teenagers have been charged with crimes related to sometimes-violent protests at the federal courthouse in Portland, according to Department of Justice announcements.

  • The federal courthouse has been the subject of violent demonstrations since general protests began in May, according to Daily Caller reporters on the scene.

  • The four teenagers face charges ranging from arson and assault to trespassing, according to the Justice Department.

Four teenagers face federal charges ranging from arson to assault during recurring violent protests and clashes with law enforcement near the Portland federal courthouse.

Protests at the courthouse began before President Donald Trump sent federal officers to the city, according to local media reports. More than two dozen people have been arrested in connection to the violent demonstrations after federal officers were sent to Portland, according to journalist Andy Ngo who listed a number of arrests in a Twitter thread.

Among those arrested were 18-year-old men Isaiah Jason Maza Jr., Gabriel Agard-Berryhill and Wyatt Ash-Milby, and 19-year-old Rowan Olsen, according to Department of Justice announcements.

Portland police declared an “unlawful assembly” Monday night, according to a Portland Police Twitter post. Violent protesters have targeted the federal courthouse and have clashed with law enforcement on many nights since protests began in May, according to Daily Caller reporters on the scene.


The Left is always the victim in the media. No matter the situation they are carefully crafted to never be the ‘bully’

One of the best analogies I’ve ever heard came from Bill Whittle, who likened Democrats to a younger brother repeatedly poking his older brother.  After ignoring the first few pokes, the older brother eventually becomes agitated and slaps his younger brother’s hand away.  The younger brother cries to Mommy, demanding that his older brother be punished for his behavior.

We see this analogy routinely play out in politics, and while a seasoned mother may inquire about what preceded the hand-slapping, in our current political climate, that is a question we’re not supposed to ask.

The Portland mayor cited Donald Trump sending in federal troops as the culprit for violence in Portland.  We are supposed to believe that before federal law enforcement arrived in Portland, “peaceful protesters” were holding hands, singing “Give Peace a Chance.”  We are not to ask what led to Trump sending in federal troops or make any mention of rampant violence and burning buildings prior to Trump’s actions.

Video: Antifa Has Taken Their Terror To The Residential Areas Of Portland Last Night And Attacked People At Their Homes – Receive Instant Justice – Conservative US

Hot and Heavy Video from Portland Tonight — Different from the Hot and Heavy Courtroom Video In Florida Earlier Today.

I’ve posted these videos several nights in a row now, generally with some form of mocking humor directed at the rioters and taking my share of shots at Mayor Ted Wheeler along the way.

But the actions of the Portland Police Department since Saturday night really raise several “WTF” questions about the pathetic politically driven decision by Mayor Wheeler to take no action for weeks while rioters in downtown Portland attacked the federal courthouse night after night.

The action tonight shifted to the area around the Portland Police Department’s East Precinct Station.  Wall Of Moms was out with the rioters.

Among the first efforts made was to take down barriers covering the front windows of the Precinct Station, and then attempts were made to break into the station.



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