Mother of All Bombs Kills 36 ISIS Soldiers

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By Gabrielle Seunagal
On Thursday night, America launched the GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast bomb (MOAB) at ISIS stations in Afghanistan. The air blast bomb, dubbed with the nickname Mother of All Bombs engendered the death of 36 ISIS militants, Afghan officials report. The deaths took place near the Pakistan border, where ISIS is believed to have up to 800 soldiers stationed. The Mother of All Bombs annihilated weapons, ammunition, and underground tunnels, but according to the Afghan Defense Ministry spokesperson, there were no civilian casualties.

Yesterday, President Trump declared to the media that the bomb launch was “another successful mission” and gave the US military his blessing. A Pentagon spokesperson stated that the MOAB was taken to Afghanistan some time ago with the intention of possibly using it. The bomb destroys everything in its path by first exploding in the air. This explosion triggers heavy air pressure which causes tunnels and similar structures to collapse. The MOAB is also used as a means of weakening the enemy’s infrastructure and confidence. General John Nicholson reported that ISIS is now attempting to recoup from their losses by solidifying their defenses with IEDs, bunkers, and tunnels.


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During the 2016 election, President Trump vowed to bomb the bleep out of ISIS. ISIS is a deadly terrorist group that seeks to maim and kill everything it encounters. They must be eradicated; countless lives will be saved in the process. Anarchic terrorists cannot be permitted to run amuck, especially when they have publicly declared their mission to engender additional carnage. For every one ISIS militant who dies, at least 20 lives will be saved. Part of putting America first is protecting our nation from groups that openly declare war on us. ISIS, this is only the beginning.

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9 thoughts on “Mother of All Bombs Kills 36 ISIS Soldiers

    • Exactly. Why tf would we believe known liars. How exactly did they figure that out? Did they go through the miles of tunnels the CIA built complex for the Mujaheddin? Since we are supplying and funding ISIS, did our special forces just wave their IDs and get passed the fortified gates on steep mountain ravines? How did they count the bodies if a blast that size would vaporize most things in a mile radius? I’ve been at MCIs (multiple casualty incidents) with body parts. Did they just count the number of dismembered feet? Just the heads found? A hand or two that don’t look the same as two people?

    • You’re just another envious, jealous, defeated lib and really who cares what you care or think. YOU lost and I really don’t care if you get over it or not.

      • Dude, you scare me. Just think logistically. How do you assess bomb damage for a bunker complex that was built for them in the 1980s by air alone? Come on!
        The 44 ton TNT bomb, that the Russians have is 4x as large. They don’t need to use it, because they are straight men without little dick syndrome.

  1. So wait, we had operating tunnels in that country since the 80’s and the only thing we have to show for it, is Isis?

  2. I voted for trump but this is bullcrap. You’re a hero if you drop a moab? but Trump condemns Assad as brutal for using non existent barrel bombs and ISIS gassing ? Has Trump been sipping the Kool aid.

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