Motley Fool is Hyping a “Califorina company” with a claickbaitiy “This Stock Could Be Like Buying Netflix for $1.87…” sales pitch…

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by Throwaway_4_opinions

So to spare you the link Motley fool is trying to get people onboard by promoting an up and coming cord cutting service. Of course they arent telling what it is so you get on their money wagon.

What they do say:

  • California company.
  • In the markets of cable cutting (ditching cable TV in favor of streaming service alternatives)
  • NOT a Streaming company, but compares it to being “instead the gold digger, the one selling the picks and shovels” so probably some sort of middle management akin to something like Roku.
  • Big moneybag investors are quietly buying it.
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So rather than jump in like an idiot, I’ve been looking around trying to find this supposed cash cow company, and all i seem to find is nothing. This instantly strikes me as suspicious. Why wouldn’t a promising company have their name on google for me to find? So my next step was checking out /r/cordcutters. They know their way around this market, and whatever may be new and coming, yet I havent found anything there either. Frankly after a couple hours searching the closest thing I can find that fits the bill is Roku, which well isn’t promising in the least. So I’m posting all of this to share my scepticism in this. That and the very unlikely chance there’s actually something here in all this.

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