Motley Fool takes down top spot comparing “Fool 100” to “S&P” performance that has been there for the past year

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by Ramy_


I’ve nominally followed the Motley Fool on and off for the past 5 – 10 years. When I first discovered I remember they compared a couple of their services to the S&P and all were beating it handily – at the time I was quite naive and was impressed with their results.

A couple years ago I came across them again and noticed they were comparing the Fool 100 to the S&P in the old spot. Again they were beating it considerably. Recently I’ve noticed the gap between Fool 100 and S&P has been shrinking and over the weekend they took down the comparison chart so it only shows the Fool 100 solo (top right on the website)

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I now realize they do what all companies do. Have a shit ton of funds – some will do awesome, some will average the market, and some will such – then you hype the shit out of the funds that do awesome while in fine print stating “past performance is no guarantee of future returns”.

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I actually like some of their content and podcasts but it’s a pretty shady thing to do and disappointed they are knowingly being deceptive.




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