Moving? Diesel Prices UP 117% Under Biden, Gasoline UP 106%, Natural Gas UP 281%

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by  confoundedinterest17

As I line up my move from Fairfax VA to Columbus OH, I am getting a variety of quotes from moving companies. And wow! The cost of moving using a national moving company for a 4 bedroom house is $15,000 to $20,500. That includes International, North American and Bekins.

One of the reasons for the high cost of moving is the massive increase in diesel fuel used for trucking. Diesel fuel under Biden has risen 117%. And since it was revealed that natural gas often is used for electric charging stations, and NATGAS is up 281% under Biden (but there aren’t many electric moving trucks yet).

The other problem facing moving companies is labor scarcity. Despite our open borders with Mexico and millions flowing across the border, moving companies STILL can’t find crews. Both Mayflower and United refused to give me a quote for moves under $1,000.

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And for any of you who say “Do it yourself!”, I am physically disabled and can’t do it.

I wonder if it would be less expensive if we used horse-drawn moving vans?



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