Blake Masters on the Root of America’s Gun Violence Problem: “Black People, Frankly”

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by Chris Black

Well, someone finally said it.

This guy is going places:

There are three separate issues here:

1)Blacks are the ones doing most of  the shootings/violent crimes in the US

2)Democrats don’t want to talk about the blacks because “muh racism n shiet”

3)The blacks fit into a plan that the Democrats have for America

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The last one is really the most important.

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But Masters didn’t stop there.

During the same podcast, when asked what he thought about President Joe Biden’s Supreme Court nominee Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson, the first Black woman confirmed to the court, Masters said she was “a horrible pick” and that she was an “affirmative action candidate.”

Masters did not immediately return a request for comment Tuesday.

Masters has promoted Trump’s false claims that the 2020 election was stolen. He has also repeatedlyechoed the “great replacement theory” — a white supremacist conspiracy theory that there is a plot to diminish the influence of white people in the U.S. — by baselessly claiming that Democrats want to grant amnesty to thousands of immigrants in order to “make them voters.”

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Imagine calling that a “baseless claim.” Remember the “Gang of Eight”?

However, note they  did not claim that Master Masters’ statements about the blacks being at the root of the gun violence epidemic was a “baseless claim.”

 No one wants to touch that one. 

And the media didn’t even bring it up until now – months after the podcast was recorded.


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