Mr. TRUMP's tax cut just showed up in my check!

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$93.85 extra in my pocket per 2 week pay!
That’s $2440.1 extra in pay i keep per year!
Not to mention the impact it will have when i file taxes next year!
don’t listen to the DemonRat’s trying to spin this!
Thank you Mr. Trump!This is YUUUGE
JAN 12th

JAN 26th

h/t ANP

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15 thoughts on “Mr. TRUMP's tax cut just showed up in my check!

  1. That’s all well and good…..considering you MAKE ovre $2K per freaking week. How about if you made say $400 a week instead….that would mean you could come home with about $20 more a week if that much…..

      • HE MAKES $4K every two weeks and takes home $1800 so how could he make $2k? He has lots and lots of deductions like 401K, health insurance, etc. and lives in Illinois….land of the overtaxed as well. Look at his stub again and do the math.

  2. Seven skinny cows eating seven FAT cows …… is Anyone CONSERVATIVE left in America?
    This year the BANKSTERS take $276.2 billion from you as “interest” on just the National Debt. Here is the Debt Clock – — you can watch it real time. This is at a time of historically low rates ….. what happens when rates go up? Trump is INCREASING the debt, and thus the interest payments at a time of increasing interest rates. You pay your debts off when times are good ….. remember the 7 skinny cows eating the 7 fat cows???
    Keep digging —
    Get some FACTS straight …. the DOW, NASDAQ, & S&P are hitting all time highs. Unemployment is supposed to be at all time LOWS. We are supposedly having a glorious upsurge in the economy, If we do not pay off the debt NOW when will we? All this glorious economic news and we still have DEFICITS?! Why do you have to “cut taxes for the already rich” so they will supposedly be inspired to create more jobs …… when everybody is supposedly employed???!! And the true job creation is proven to be by Small Business and financed by Middle Class spending, NOT by millionaires.
    “the tax cut is an exercise in willful blindness. The same no doubt could be said for the 1981 Reagan tax cuts, which predictably led to unprecedented deficits when Republicans as well as Democrats balked at making offsetting budget cuts. Yet at the time a whole band of officials in the White House and the Congress clamored, in some cases desperately, for such reductions. They accepted a realm of objective reality that existed separately from their own wishes. But in 2017, when the Congressional Budget Office and other neutral arbiters concluded that the tax cuts would not begin to pay for themselves, the White House and congressional leaders simply dismissed the forecasts as too gloomy.”
    “Alas, all you suckers out there are , like this writer, a few paychecks away from financial uncertainty. The less than one thousand dollars extra per year that this bill will throw you is nothing compared to the mega millions the super rich and the large corporations will see added to their spreadsheets.

    • I guess all the “extra” free money we are supposedly bringing home is really going to make a huge difference….to whom I may ask? Are the little people going to save this extra money or are they going to go out and buy that shiny new outrageously overpriced crappy car that will rust out in a few winters instead AND buy their very own McMansion that costs way too much made with inferior materials that will cost way too much to heat and cool? You bet your bippy they WILL do just that and then moan and groan when their pricey rusted out car is repo’ed and their McMansion is foreclosed on in a few years and they are sitting homeless at the side of the road holding up a Will Work For Food sign…..or just sitting there too dejected to even hold up a sign. That extra money is definitely going to be SQUANDERED on frivilous stuff….GUARANTEED…….

  3. Must be nice–my “fifteen-dollar an hour minimum wage job” cleared me a whopping 20 bucks after taxes. Mind you, I have the max taken out. I will change that first thing Monday.

      • Nope, sorry. My wh is not hosed. It’s very basic.Am over 50 but not young enough to retire; no dependents, and having the most tax withheld. This is a 40 hour workweek at 15 bucks an hour. No state tax where I live.
        I haven’t looked at the new tax tables yet, but this might suggest that if you have 0 (exemptions) on your W4 for wh, they’re taking out a *lot* more in tax than they did prior to the change. Could that be the case?

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