MSM Fails To Mention Attack In Syria, Downed Russian Plane

by Chris

From reading the Yahoo and Drudge report newsfeed you would NEVER know that an hour and a half missile/bombing attack was conducted in Syria last night, that a Russian plane was downed, that Israel was (probably) responsible or that the French fired missiles into Syria from a frigate in the Med.

This is simply not mentioned.

However, we do find other juicy tidbits that are very important to know about:

  • Woody Allens wife breaks silence and defends husband.  Ronan Farrow may not be his son?
  • Police Officer hailed as hero as suspect yells the N word at least 50 times.
  • Asia Argento threatens to sue Rose McGown for saying that she slept with underage Jimmy Bennett.
  • You would never guess what Tiger Woods wife looks like now!


On Syria, Isreal Needs To Be Charged

Since Israel has no legal standing to attack Syria, that was another illegal attack.

While international law is a sometimes different beast, in local law, under the moral codes developed to keep society civil and orderly, in the commission of a felony, if someone is killed, accidentally or not, the person(s) committing the crime are up for felony murder.

If you are robbing a store and policeman shoots their partner and kills them accidentally, you are the one charged with felony murder.

Israel is 100% responsible for the murder of the Russians…as is the US as an accomplice.

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Maybe the French too.

At any rate, Israel is once again doing everything it can to ignite WW III.  I have no interest in that.  Therefore I strongly oppose Israel’s policies at this time.  If they want to go ahead and pick a big fight, I believe they should be allowed to do that, but on their own and without any explicit or implicit backing of the US (my country).

Again, I have zero interest in figuring out how to survive a completely avoidable and totally unnecessary nuclear exchange.

If Israel could figure out a way to live diplomatically with its neighbors that would be a great long-term solution and if I lived there I would be working strongly towards that end.  Otherwise the math and their tactics are working against their stated interests.  Eventually the oil and gas run out, and then what?

Either Israel is living peaceably with its neighbors when that time arrives or it is badly outnumbered and surrounded by a sea of hostility.  It’s not that hard to work out strategically.  One approach has a chance, the other has none.

Neocons and Likuds are not at all interested in peace, the people, or the future.  To them there is only “right now” and their own pedestrian quest for personal power.

Not sure why they have not been flushed from power yet, but that’s the state of things right now.




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