MSM Hidden News – Obama’s White House Counsel’s Federal Felony trial starts today

by Midwest Skeptic

Republican gets indicted about something … all over the front page of the MSM every day for WEEKS!

Obama’s former White House Counsel, the TOP ATTORNEY at the White House, is going to trial on a Federal Felony charge … oh, that gets briefly mentioned, maybe on page 2, OR 5, then not talked about again.

Hide the Democrats wrong doings in the closet.
Shine the light on anything any Republican has done.

Sheesh … the games the MSM is playing with the news are so transparent any more.

Here’s the story:

Former Obama White House Counsel Greg Craig Goes On Trial Over Ukraine Work

“…Former Obama White House counsel Greg Craig goes on trial Monday, accused of making false statements connected to work he did on behalf of powerful interests in Ukraine.

Craig, a top attorney in Democratic political circles who worked for two Democratic presidents, was indicted in April on two counts of providing false statements to the Justice Department related to his Ukraine work….



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