MSNBC – "Trump Gets Re-elected In Landslide If He Isn't Removed From Office"

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I can’t even stand to listen to these libtard long enough for them to get to their point.

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2 thoughts on “MSNBC – "Trump Gets Re-elected In Landslide If He Isn't Removed From Office"

  1. i predict that the DNC will foist some fool candidates such as oprah and/or whoopi goldberg onto the ballot, thus ensuring a trump victory

  2. lol. In your dreams.
    Trump committed election fraud. He never said he would attack the Middle East unprovoked and the evidence reveals this was another pre-planned attack, not a sudden Middle East response, the attack was an act of aggression, and that’s election fraud, high treason, war crimes, …and we haven’t seen one arrest of government aiding and abetting illegal immigrants including for accessory to illegal alien crimes, they’re just as guilty as the criminal aliens.
    If Trump doesn’t start making arrests now, if he doesn’t disengage from the Romish Jewish Jesuit world wars for profit, he’s gonna either be impeached or dis-empowered the next election — we know the deal now, and we took America back on 11/8/16, cede power Rome, it’s over.

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