MTV’s Gender Neutral Award Is Idiotic…And Worse, It’s Going To Do More Damage Than Good

by Mark Angelides

As expected, the media lapped up the idea of MTV giving out a Gender neutral Award; the LGBTQ (i?) groups are enthralled at the idea that people would finally be judged equally regardless of their gender. But the problem is… it’s nonsense. It will do nothing to promote “the genderless society”. It will in fact, end up creating larger divisions than before. As so often is the case, social engineering by agenda driven idiots, has idiotic results.
If we look at every other mainstream awards ceremony (let’s not actually watch the drivel, just a glance at the results will suffice), many of the “big awards” are dominated by men. Best Director (which is a gender neutral award) has only ever been won by one woman (Kathryn Bigelow for The Foot Locker). A gender neutral acting award (despite much manipulation) will end up being won by mostly men. And the reason is quite simple…Movies made by women, about women, aren’t that appealing to men; whereas the reverse is not true. There are of course exceptions; Jodie Foster is a great, well-respected director who makes films that appeal to all.
Another reason why this new award is such a poorly thought out piece of social propaganda, is that its name implies something other than it is. Emma Watson was the first winner, and she won by playing “Beauty” in Beauty and the Beast. The winners will still be the good-looking stars. They wil still promote gender stereotypes, feelings of inadequacy in normal looking folk, and the usage of fashion and makeup to “make a better you”. So until the “Hollywood Beauty Aspect” id removed, this is nothing more than virtue signaling.
For this to be run by MTV is surely the biggest clue that it is nothing but an affectation. MTV has promoted unrealistic beauty standards since it began. It has sold the “sexy singers” to us and decided its programming schedule based on what titillates…if 13 year old boys want to see scantily clad women, then that is what it provides. MTV without selling sex is radio, nothing more, nothing less.
There are huge female power players in the movie, music and TV industry. The ones who last are those that create appeal across the board. A common misconception is that it is hard for women directors and producers to get a start, but this is not completely true…It is hard for all directors and producers to get a start, especially if they are directing and producing movies that are only of real interest to (mostly) on sex. Consider Gale Anne Hurd. Nowadays, she is the top dog on the hugely successful Walking Dead, but she started out at a much, much lower level. Her career began under the Schlock Horror Master of B Movies, Roger Corman. She put in her time and paid her dues until she started her own production company which gave us films such as The Terminator, Aliens and The Abyss. She appealed to a market, not a gender.
The Gender Neutral acting awards are nothing but a publicity stunt. Shame on MTV for being so opportunistic and shame on its supporters for buying into their crap.