Mueller Just Got Served & Over 37 Goverment Officials have Stepped Down or Fired

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by Thinker

How many will throw themselves in front of the bus to protect Hillary Clinton?

1% of released Clinton emails have already spent the world of pedophiles into a frenzy. What happens when the Wiener laptop information hits the masses? Shock and Awe! If our justice system refuses to put these pedophiles in prison then we the people have to put a stop to this illegal nonsense .. If we continue to set aside not doing nothing this will get worse and possible collapse. They are protecting these people to adjust the minds of the American people to bring in the Islam which allow men to marry young girls down to the ages of 6yrs of age . Sharia law doesn’t co exist with our Constitution….. like and share get the word out and lets make America great again…..he’s in jail and Americans have been waiting since 2016. Trump is going to expose the people who like to have sex with children, and the main reason he’s being attacked at every level. Save the children! Expose the pedophiles and human trafficking.

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Q Anon 5.19.18 Terminated Admin Officials Thirty Seven So Far

When ones actions aren’t honorable, they will leave or be fired without standing up to deny what they’ve been accused of. President Trump after one year is finding out who is there to support him and who is there to commit acts of treason against him, his family, and other government officials who are only seeking the truth. The only people in Washington D. C. who don’t want the truth, are people with something to hide.



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