Mueller Special Counsel stacked with Democrats. Should Trump fire him?

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by Robert Carbery

This Russia investigation is a witch hunt aimed to detract from the positive developments during the short-lived Trump administration so far. It has become a dark cloud over this administration that just will not blow away. Should the president order the Justice Department to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller who is now heading up this investigation after the canning of Comey?
Longtime Trump friend Christopher Ruddy told PBS NewsHour on Monday that he might. While the media and intelligence community have held up Mueller as the ultimate impartial investigator, many others are coming to question whether or not he can be objective at all. And with the recent hirings for his special counsel, you’ll learn why it is anything but a fair group of professionals.
Mueller’s special counsel is stacked with Democrats. His team includes a former Clinton Foundation lawyer and contributors to both Obama and Hillary.
Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich took to Twitter to voice his displeasure: “Republicans are delusional if they think the special counsel is going to be fair,” he tweeted. “Look who he is hiring.check fec [sic] reports. Time to rethink.” It’s more than time to rethink. It’s time to act and get rid of this waste of time investigation aimed at bringing down this president by creating a false narrative. Don’t think it’ll look good? They’ll get over it. Time to get down to the business of running this country and bridging the vast divisions.

Four top lawyers hired by Mueller have contributed thousands and thousands of dollars over the years to both the Democratic Party and Democratic Party candidates, including President Trump’s 2016 opponent, Hillary Clinton. Another fact to keep in mind is that Mueller is close to James Comey who is no friend of the president now either.
Jeannie Rhee, one of the hires, was also an attorney for the crooked Clinton Foundation. She helped persuade a federal judge to block a conservative activist’s attempts to force Bill and Hillary to answer questions about the shady operation they run and profit from.
Another hire, James Quarles, has quite a long history of supporting the Democrats. He gave $1,300 to Obama in 2007 and $2,300 to him in 2008. Last year, he gave Clinton $2,700. In addition, he has supported numerous other Democratic candidates throughout the years, including Sen. Chris Van Hollen of Maryland, Sen. Chuck Schumer of New York, former Secretary of State John Kerry, and former Vice President Al Gore.
The mainstream media has moved swiftly to dismiss the concerns over the Democratic Party ties to the staff of super lawyers Mueller is building. While many point to Gingrich saying that Mueller was a “superb choice to be special counsel,” he has since changed his tune after the many suspect hires since then.
The White House reiterated earlier on Tuesday that the president has no intention to fire Trump, though he can if he wants to. “While the president has the right to, he has no intention to do so,” said White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders to reporters. However, we know the man in charge right now is, if anything, unpredictable.
Trump should take a hard look at firing Special Counsel Mueller or doing something to demand a more trustworthy team of lawyers to look into whatever it is they’re looking into. If he should allow the witch hunt to continue.

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15 thoughts on “Mueller Special Counsel stacked with Democrats. Should Trump fire him?

    • I don’t Think So,
      I think He should enact a Special Council to Oversee and Control the
      Special Council.
      100% control of all Documents and Sources of Evidence. A Witness
      from the Second Special Council on all depositions taken from
      Annonymous Sources. All Annonymous Sources 100% Identified
      with photo and Fingerprints.
      And the Oversight Special Council and all Workers,
      Hand-picked or OKd by Trump. No More Criminal Fixes by the DOJ.
      And I am not Pro Trump. (I am Not Pro Anybody)
      But Facts and Truth Matter.
      (And then Fire Everyone at the DoJ.)

      • And then Fire Everyone at the DoJ.>”…
        LOL! Sometimes those are my sentiments also…
        100% control of all Documents and Sources of Evidence. A Witness
        from the Second Special Council on all depositions taken from
        Anonymous Sources
        Sort of like some form of 3rd party inspector general, right?
        Well you just might have a point there but aren’t there to many bureaucrats already?
        I think the problem is that the government isn’t firing enough of these incompetent, dishonest parasites…
        Both these clowns should’ve been fired decades ago…

  1. Keep in mind that Mueller was the FBI director when 9/11 happened. He was obviously part of the coverup that followed, and therefore can’t be trusted one bit.
    HOWEVER, if Trump fires Mueller now of course the media will be all over it screaming “he’s firing the impartial investigator, so he must be guilty!”
    Of course the best possible outcome would be Mueller being caught in a lie while trying to sell the Russia collusion lie, and Mueller going to prison for perjury — if we can’t get him for 9/11, at least lock him up for something else. But he’ll probably be really careful about not letting that happen.

    • Hello,
      After Thinking a couple of minutes,
      If Trump just goes along with this endless Krap-Show,
      He is just laying his Head on The Executioner’s Block.
      Of His Own Free Will, and I would have to say,
      With His Collusion.

  2. The guy with the FBI helped on Whitewater. Easy. We know who they are and no one knows how much money was made and who they paid out. In any other country this type of thing would be normal. Why is it here? The Clinton’s have been playing this card with help for a long time. There has been no rise in any liberal or progressive ideal to date. Now on the other hand we can see obviously these people are billionaires. This will always be the case as the entrenched political monster exists as we have it. Find a bunch of psychopaths and make a party… Any name. You will obey from fear.

  3. Trump should fire this Globalist Scum and appoint someone who dislikes Trump and Clinton/Obama/Bush and broaden the investigation to ALL voter fraud and impropriates in ALL the elections in the 21st century. The let’s see da Donkey BAY!
    If Trump doesn’t do something he is toast. He is paid to take da fall?
    If Trump, Putin or BiBi were real they’d leak ALL their files THEY have on Obama and Clinton and throw in the JFK murder also. Dat would shake it ALL up!

  4. There is a simpler (and much less politically charged) solution. Don’t fire Mueller. Get Justice to modify Mueller’s appointment letter ( Mueller is charged with investigating:
    (i) any links and/or coordination bet ween the Russian government and individuals associated with the campaign of President Donald Trump; and
    (ii) any matters that arose or may arise directly from the investigation; and
    (iii) any other matters within the scope of 28 C.F.R. § 600.4(a)
    Sessions or Rosenstein (or Trump himself) should withdraw authorities (ii) and (iii). There’s no need for a special counsel to pursue any such matters. Should he discover such matters in the course of (i). Mueller should be directed to refer them to the AG.
    Thus, the order should be amended to replace (ii) and (iii) with:a new paragraph: Any matters that arose or may arise directly from the investigation; and any other matters within the scope of 28 C.F.R. § 600.4(a) shall be referred to the Attorney General.
    Sessions recusal ( is limited to “any existing or future investigations of any matters related in any way to the campaigns for President of the United States”. Sessions clearly did not cede his authority to any other matters that may arise.

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