Mueller to Interrogate Trump Under Oath – Comey Never Did That to Hillary

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by Martin Armstrong

Robert Mueller’s investigation has climbed all the way up to Donald Trump himself. He is now demanding to interrogate Trump under oath in hopes of getting him on a perjury charge as he desperately tries to take him down on an obstruction of justice charge chalking one up for the Bureaucrats he has been protecting.

When Hillary was questioned by Comey, he didn’t even take notes. That is NEVER done and it was intentional to ensure she would NEVER be charged with anything. Mueller is clearly taking the direct opposite approach. He is obviously positioning himself to try to take Trump down on obstruction of justice since he cannot show he conspired with Putin. This is all about trying to Impeach Trump, and it is in accordance with the totally arbitrary rules for Impeachment that demonstrate there is no real rule of law in such matters.

This is how corruption is played out in the JUST-US Department. It is never about ethics or the rule of law. It is about how to win at all costs on anything even when they are dead wrong. The probe that was supposed to be about Russia interfering with the US elections turns into charging people with tax evasion and everything other than the purpose of the probe.
There is just no rule of law anymore. Comey and Mueller are former Department of Justice colleagues, and they have a work-related friendship. That is not considered to be a conflict of interest. Both are just bureaucrats and like the police, they need not be best friends to have each other’s back. There should have been ZERO contact. Working together is still a conflict of interest. Typically, even a CEO spends more time with his personal assistant than his wife even if there is no affair on the side. We all spend more time with the people we work with than typically anyone else. But of course, they do not consider Mueller working with Comey a conflict. Had he NOT known him at all, he would have charged Comey with leaking documents to the press with is also a felony.

This has been a war of Bureaucrats against Trump – make no mistake about that. He is not one of “THEM” and they only want career politicians in Washington. All others please get out. Mueller is out to overthrow the White House if he can.
Meanwhile, Senator Ron Johnson confirms that informant’s text messages infer there are bias issues in the FBI against Trump. He confirmed also that others are saying they have additional information about a secret society within the FBI trying to sabotage Trump to take him down as an outsider. There is clearly a war going on inside the bureaucracy and it is all about keeping control in Washington.

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2 thoughts on “Mueller to Interrogate Trump Under Oath – Comey Never Did That to Hillary

  1. Mueller’s last desperate act on a failed operation to prove that brain-dead CNN has been perpetuating a lie invented during the presidential campaign. Just because their is an official investigation you cannot prove that UFOs and Bigfoot exist. The harsher reality is that a line has been crossed and Republicans have no reason to accept any Globalist Communist wacko that the Democrats may dress up as president and that a former president is completely allowed to violate the law undermining at seated president.

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