Multiculturalism in Europe: Gay Rights Activist Punched in the Face on Paris Street

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by Chris Black


Vive le difference! Are you enjoying the cultural enrichment yet? Remember how they told us that all cultures are equal and all that?


Now, let’s get it on with today’s news, but first, here’s a little preamble: in case you did not know, Paris is home for a thriving gay community, and following a series of “homophobic attacks” in recent years, it looks like their government’s decision to bring in millions of Muslim immigrants was not so great after all.


Allow me to explain: in many Islamic countries, theocracies like Iran or Pakistan, gays are thrown off buildings, as Islamic law (Sharia) specifically prohibits homosexuality, among other things. This little factoid is aimed at helping you understand what happened to a prominent French gay activist, who incidentally runs an NGO which promotes the LGBT agenda and all that: on Wednesday, our hero Guillaume Melanie, the head of  Urgence Homophobie association, was punched in the face as he walked on a street in Paris after he left a restaurant along with a bunch of his friends, or something along these lines.


“He pushed one of our party to get past, he was told to go ‘gently’ and that’s when he started directing crazy homophobic insults at me. He called me a faggot (PD in French) and he gave me a big punch on the nose”

The attacker told him that he should be burned, and another man who was with the attacker has said : “You’re just a dirty faggot, you should all be burned”. Guillaume is now recovering from a broken nose following the cultural enrichment, and he said he’ll file a complaint with the police.



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This is not the first homophobic attack in Paris. For example, earlier in October, a gay couple was attacked and insulted for kissing in the street. One of the attackers was apprehended and he now serves a 1-year imprisonment sentence. In September,  a gay actor, Arnaud Gagnoud respectively, was beaten with a helmet as he was seen hugging his lover near a theater in Paris, requiring 7 stitches. A “teen” has been charged for the attack. So, this is kind of “the new normal” in Paris, if you’re gay and proud to show it in public.


When the press mysteriously forgets to print the name, ethnicity, or other descriptors of an attacker, we all know who the culprit was. And yes, in all these gay-attacks, the perps  were most probably Muslims. In twenty or so years there won’t be a single openly gay person in Paris. And the most popular baby name will be some spelling variant of Mohammad. The same goes for Jews, who are leaving France/Paris in droves, after a resurgence of anti-semitic attacks on the streets. Again, from Muslims. (Jews In France Ponder Whether To Stay Or To Leave – Forbes, Antisemitism pushing jews out of their homes in France | Euronews,


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It definitely looks like “Gay pride” and other types of progressive activism in “multicultural” (as in intolerant) societies has the opposite of the desired effect: it alienates minorities from the rest of society. The more they focus on “being gay” (for example), the more they paint themselves as different from everyone else. And yes, this is what happens when you allow a majority of Muslim immigrants to enter your country. Being gay is not permitted under Islam, and you have the choice of being burned, drowned or thrown off a building.


You were warned. Your bed was made by the politicians you elected, now sleep in it.


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