Musk creates ‘hype’ with bitcoin ‘pump and dump’ comments: Jordan Belfort

Jordan Belfort, the former stockbroker and subject of the 2013 hit “Wolf of Wall Street,” weighed in on Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s Bitcoin comment where he said, “I might pump, but I don’t dump,” arguing that while he may not need to, other people pump and dump around the “hype” the celebrity creates.

“I like Elon Musk and I think he’s rich enough, he doesn’t have to make an extra few dollars pumping and dumping,” Belfort, who spent 22 months in prison after pleading guilty to charges of securities fraud and money laundering, told “Varney & Co.” on Thursday.

“I think the problem is while he might not be pumping and dumping, people use his endorsement and they pump and dump around the hype that Elon creates.”

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Belfort made the comment one day after Musk said the “three meaningful assets” he personally owns besides his two companies are Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Ethereum.


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