Must follow a narrative: Why NO ONE should trust the demorat-run media

by DCG

Yesterday it was reported that a Virginia man was arrested with a handgun and 500 rounds at a DC checkpoint.

Turns out that in an effort for the demorat-run media to get excited about another “insurrectionist,” the man arrested was a private security guard hired to to help secure the grounds yet he didn’t have the proper “permits.”

He wasn’t also “authorized” to be in the area where he was arrested. Who knows if he was just lost, confused as to what “papers” he needed to carry, or if he really was a right-wing terrorist (of course, that is the media narrative being pushed).

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There may be some confusion as to why this private security guard was in the area yet there is no confusion as to why the media would tweet out this RIDICULOUS statement:

Based upon the IDIOTIC tweet above, we will probably never know the truth of this “private security” contractor and why he was arrested with an “arsenal” of 500 rounds with a handgun desired to be fired with a single hand.

Because the demorat-run media has NO desire for the truth. They only follow the NARRATIVE.



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