MUST SEE: Rep Jim Jordan goes all in against Mueller about Mifsud Lies–3 times he lied and you didn’t charge him with a crime.

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This is a must see.
“You charged a lot of other people for making false statements”

I posted this in another thread yesterday, but it went mostly unnoticed. This is important. Mifsud lied three times and he got away with it… And Luckily we have a few good guys like Jim Jordan that holds Mueller to it and pushes him about facts.

“ charged Manafort, Cohn, Micheal Flynn, a three star general for false statements, but the guy who puts the country through this whole saga starts it all… he lies, and you guys don’t charge him, and I’m curious to know why…”

“Can’t get into that…”

“Is Mifsud Western intelligence or Russian Intel…”

“Can’t get into that…”

You really have to watch this short 5 min clip.

notice how nadless is eager to end it with his hammer at the end…

Edit: FYI, I paraphrased some of the main quotes from the video.



h/t jj johns


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