MUST WATCH: Babylon Bee Produces HILARIOUS Video Mocking FBI Agent’s Role In Domestic Terror Plots

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“OK, the plan is simple. We break into the Capitol building—we infiltrate the government and kidnap the Speaker of the House. And this is Garth Henderson speaking,” the MAGA hat, Miller beer/Trump t-shirt wearing FBI agent says.

The FBI ringleader suddenly turns around and speaks into a microphone in his jacket collar, asking, “Did you get that? We’ve got everything we need!” as he turns to the men at the planning table and draws his gun, screaming to everyone to “get down” warning them that a squad of FBI agents are on their way. Hilariously, everyone in the room draws their guns and points them at each other.

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A large red-headed MAGA hat-wearing man at the table who’s wearing a hilarious fake black mustache shouts, “You FBI scum! You’re all scum! You’ll never take us alive. We’re the true patriots, standing up for liberty and stuff!” Suddenly, the FBI ringleader recognizes “Steve” and calls him out by name. The red-headed man with the bad mustache admits he hasn’t been around the office because he’s been working undercover.

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